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Early Start

Kimberly Siltman, PreK Programs Coordinator
A Typical Day

Children attend two and one half hour Early Start sessions five days a week,
Monday - Friday.

Arrival/Welcome: Children are greeted individually and backpacks are checked for important information from the family.

Group Time/Circle Time: All children and teachers come together to participate in early literacy and math activities. Concepts of print, vocabulary, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, communication and problem solving skills are promoted.

Snack Time: Children wash their hands and are offered nutritious breakfast or lunch type foods at snack. In a pleasant, social atmosphere, teachers sit and enter into conversations with children, encouraging them to talk about events or the day and topics of interest to the children.

Discovery/Work Time: Children choose from activities in the classroom that include small group instruction, dramatic play, library, writing, blocks, art, sand/water tables, science, computers and snacks. Shared reading and writing are emphasized throughout the day.

Gross Motor Activities: Children come together to participate in physical activity that promotes large muscle development using equipment in the gym or outdoors.

Clean Up: Children learn when it's time to stop activities, independently putting materials away using picture and word cues provided by teachers and classmates.

Closing Group/Goodbye: Children and teachers come together to review the day's activities. Books, music, chanting, rhyming, and other language activities are used to reinforce learning.