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How can I help my child during e-learning?

How are Students Identified for the ESL Program?

Why are English learning students tested every year?

Parent Guide for English Learners—English and Spanish versions

For families of English learners there is a lot to know, including how their children are:

  • Identified as English learners

  • Taught English and other subjects

  • Tested, tested, and tested some more

  • Designated as proficient in academic English and moved out of English learner services

"The Parent Guide for English Learners" gives you basic information about each of these topics. It will help you talk with your child’s school, ask the right questions, and support your child on their journey as an English learner. English and Spanish versions are available.

Using Your “First” Language is Best!


This tool allows you to type in a website address and it instantly turns the website into a clickable dictionary that translates text in 12 languages. 

Estas herramientas le permiten escribir una dirección de sitio web y de inmediato convierte el sitio web en un diccionario clicable que traduce el texto en 12 idiomas.


Guide to Your Children's School

From ISBE, a parent handbook available in several languages