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Evaluations from FACECamp event
picture of agenda for FACECamp 1-30-18

District 186 F.A.C.E. is hosted a F.A.C.E.Camp* “unconference”* for families, community and educators Tuesday, January 30, 2018 from 6:00 to 7:30PM at Springfield High School.

Resources are in the table below.

*At F.A.C.E.Camp the expertise and perspective of everyone in the entire room is valued and needed. Every adult within the session brings an important and unique perspective to contribute to sharing strategies and ideas to benefit student learning, teaching and parenting. *F.A.C.E.Camp is based on the 'EdCamp & ParentCamp model'. To learn more go to Dr. Joe Mazza's work.

download Parents - Do You Have the POWER!

This handout was created from the work teams did on October 20, 2017 at FACE Training.  This can be used with families to inform and educate on Intranet Access.  Gain the power to help your child!

Resources and Materials from 1-30-18
Session TitleHandoutsPowerpointLink
Acronym Soup - Kelly SholtisSession title- Acronym SoupAcronym Soup
Anxiety and Your ChildHandout of positive things to say to your childAnxiety handout_Harrison (dragged)
tips to relive anxiety
Powerpoint with information on Anxiety and your child session at F.A.C.E.Camp 1-30-18Anxiety Powerpoint_Harrison
Hot Topics: Circles & Morning MeetingsTips on how to help child feel secure and supported and what Circles are about.Camp SmackDown 1-30-18 2
Hot Topics: How to help children feel Supported and SecureTips on how to help child feel supported and secure at home, school, etc.Camp SmackDown 1-30-18 2
SAEBRS LightPowerpoint slides about SAEBRS screener used this year for the first timeFACE SEL Screener.pptx