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- POSTPONED - Online F.A.C.E.Camp - 4.30.20

FACECamp is postponed.

District 186 F.A.C.E. is hosting an ONLINE F.A.C.E.Camp* “unconference” for family, community and school members! 

Flow for the night:
5:50 pm – 6 :00 pm  – Login
6:05 pm – The Zoom door closes because being present together during the opening 10 minutes is a design feature of ParentCamp.
6:00 pm – 6:15 pm – Superintendent Gill, Welcome & Ground rules
6:15 pm – 6:45 pm  – Breakout Sessions:
     1. Staying Home and Staying Healthy - Dr. Florence
          Share ways to keep healthy; diet, exercise... will staying home.
     2. Coping During COVID
         Share ways to cope during this new way of life.
     3. Support Each Other in Remote Learning
         Share ways we are being successful with remote learning; teacher, staff, parents, community.
6:45 pm – 7:00 pm  – Wrap-up & Share Out


* At F.A.C.E.Camp the expertise and perspective of everyone in the entire room is valued and needed. Every adult within the session brings an important and unique perspective to contribute to sharing strategies and ideas to benefit student learning, teaching and parenting. *F.A.C.E.Camp is based on the 'EdCamp & ParentCamp model'. 

4.30.2020 RSVP

FACECamp 1-30-2020

Sept. 20, 2019 FACE Team Training