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Stills from Welcome to Wonder

Mar 4, 2012 Film Club's second feature film, Welcome to Wonder, is in production. We'll post stills to this gallery as filming continues over the next couple of months.
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Behind the Scenes of Welcome to Wonder

Mar 4, 2012 Follow along as Film Club produces its second feature film, Welcome to Wonder.
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Film Club Profile Photos

Aug 9, 2011 Every year we like to start out Film Club with a photo shoot. It gives the kids a chance to be in front of the camera, and it's fun to look back at these photos at the end of the year.
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Stills from Tuesday Night

Apr 13, 2011 Film Club was in full swing at Springfield High School on Tuesday night. We split into 2 teams to try and film 4 scenes for our upcoming Premiere Night main feature (we still need a title for this movie!). The cast and crew did a great job, and things are really coming together.
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Stills from weekend filming

Apr 10, 2011 Film Club was busy this weekend, logging over 14 hours of filming. Here are stills from some of the clips we created. These are all part of our 'Untitled Movie,' slated for release at Premiere Night on May 6.
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Stills from Untitled Movie

Apr 5, 2011 Film Club is busy with production for our biggest movie of the year. Here are some stills from the first couple of scenes that have been filmed.
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Film Club Photos

Nov 15, 2010 Here's a sample of photos from a couple FIlm Club photo outings this fall. One trip was to the Municipal Parking Garage downtown at 4th and Washington, and the other trip was to Carpenter Park.
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Film Club Photo Shoot - Take 2

Sep 22, 2010 The second half of Film Club students took a turn in front of the camera at Tuesday's meeting. Each student had a turn acting, directing and photographing someone else.
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