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Callback Scenes

Scenes for Callbacks

We will be using the attached scenes at callbacks. We will try to match up several combinations of characters so that everyone has a chance to read with the other actors. It's important to find a Scott, Terry and Alice who work well together. Scenes for Stacy and one for Scott & Alice are coming later today (Friday).

Audition Flyer
Auditions for Film Club's 'Welcome to Wonder'

The Student Film Club is holding open auditions for its original feature-length film, Welcome to Wonder. We will begin filming in January and are looking for ACTORS (no prior experience is necessary). You don’t have to be a student to audition. Characters range in age from 15 to 50.

Auditions will be held:
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
7:00 - 9:00pm
3031 Stanton Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62703

We are seeking the following three main characters for this film:
Alice (approx. 15 years old, female)
Terry (appox. 18 years old, male)
Scott (approx. 22 years old, male)

We are also seeking several supporting roles, including males and females ranging from approximate ages of 15 to 50. If you are in this age range and would like to audition, please do!

What to Bring

If you are auditioning for one of the three main characters, please practice and be prepared to read the appropriate scene (see below). You're welcome to try out for multiple parts.

We will videotape all auditions, but it would be awesome if you could bring a labeled photo of yourself. If you don't have one, we can take one during auditions.

If you have prior acting experience, please bring a resume.

Character Bios

Welcome to Wonder follows three siblings on a road trip. They have just learned of their father’s recent death. Their parents split up almost 10 years ago, and all three moved across the Midwest with their mother. Although the siblings still live in the same town, they lead separate lives. They have never had a lot of money, so the only way they can make the trip is to go together, despite the emotional distance between them. Character names subject to change.


Man in his mid-twenties. His best days were back in high school when he was on the team. Since then he hasn’t totally figured out the “real world.” After their parents split Scott has taken the role of leader. He pulls the cart - right or wrong. He wonders why people can’t just do things the way they used to be done.


Young man in his late teens/early twenties. Terry is often caught in the middle. He is the peacemaker of the group and tries to avoid conflict whenever possible. He probably understands his sister a little more than most people though, especially since Scott wasn’t always so quick to include him in things.


15 year-old girl, youngest of three siblings. Introverted and not fully understood by her siblings, but she has an artistic side that will surprise you if you take the time to get to know her. She is normally very passive and doesn’t let things get to her. Intelligent, but quiet.


14-18 year-old girl. She is hitchhiking across the country on a personal journey to prove that personal possessions and money in general are unnecessary (yet she’s seemingly oblivious to the fact that she asks these things of others constantly). She is a hippy - or at least acts like one. She has strong opinions, feels everyone should believe what she believes and is not afraid to be pushy or judgmental of others. She could be hiding a troubled past, but it never gets revealed.


40-50 year-old female. Mom works a blue collar job and supports her daughter, Alice. Her two sons, Terry and Scott, have both moved out. She left her ex-husband many years and moved across the midwest with her three children. She has had various unsuccessful relationships since then but has not remarried.

Ben Darski (attorney)

Young- to middle-aged attorney acting as the estate executor for the siblings’ dad. He generally seems to know what he’s talking about, but his sketchy office and obvious lack of money say otherwise. He is likable and pleasant, and we generally want to like him despite his obvious shortcomings as a businessman.

Maggie (trainer)

20-35 year-old fitness trainer. She’s athletic, confident and has an outgoing and likable personality. Her role in the film is limited to this scene, and her purpose is to contrast with our main character Scott, who lacks her confidence and charm.

Other Characters

Larry (approx. 35-50, male)
Santosh (approx. 45 - 60, male)
Priest (approx. 40 - 60, male)
"Guys" (approx. 18 - 25, male)

Other miscellaneous parts include waiters / waitresses, cashiers and store clerks. Check back soon for sample scenes for some of the characters above.