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Mission The Springfield Public Schools Foundation (SPSF) is a community-based volunteer organization, serving Springfield District 186 public schools for more than 30 years with the mission of creating a margin of excellence. We carry out our mission in partnership with Springfield Public School District 186 (SPSD186) and the Springfield Community.

Grant Information Each school year, the Foundation makes available several types of grants to staff of SPSD186. Interested SPSD186 employees are encouraged to thoroughly review the information below prior to making application for a Foundation grant. Applications are to be submitted electronically through Googledocs. To aid applicants in the grant writing process, copies of the individual grant application questions and additional application information can be found on the Grant Reference document. Please review this document carefully prior to starting an application. Links to the applications and reference documents can be found in the chart at the bottom of this page.

The following will not be considered for funding: • Applications containing multiple spelling, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors • Applications including students outside of SPSD186 • Applications to fund salaries (including substitute teachers); field trips only, or for the sole purpose of purchasing hardware such as computers, cameras, etc. • Failure to submit a Grant Evaluation will disqualify you from grant funding for the following year. Questions regarding the application process can be directed to Julie Hammers at 217/525-4406.

2019-2020 Grants: The Springfield Public Schools Foundation’s Board of Directors is excited to share information about some substantial changes to the grant offerings available to District teachers next fall. Gather your grade level, department level or school-wide team and get ready to put on your thinking caps early next year! 

In August, the Foundation will introduce an application for a new type of grant designed to encourage grade, department or school-wide collaborative projects. Three grants, each in the amount of up to $12,000, will be funded. Two of these grants will fund team projects at the elementary school level and one grant will fund a team project at either the middle or high school level. The application will have a late winter 2020 deadline, with funding decisions announced in mid-April 2020 for implementation in the Fall of 2020, allowing teams to hit the ground running with their projects during the 2020-2021 school year. 

In order to be able to fund these larger, more impactful grants and remain fiscally responsible, the Board of Directors has put on hold the funding of Classroom Education Grants during the Fall of 2019. 

Applications and information regarding the other grants that will be offered during the 2019-2020 school year, including Extracurricular, Pre-K through 8th Grade Classroom Library, Special Education/Life Skills, and Student-Led Grants will be available in June on the Foundation’s Grants’ page of the District website. 

Grant Information
Grant NameDescriptionDue DateGrant Application Reference SheetsApplicationsSuccessful Past Grant ExamplesAncillary Documents
IMPACT GrantsGrants up to $10,000 will be awarded for innovative, collaborative group projects that align with district goals and have a grade-level or school-wide impact. Please review the grant application reference sheet for additional important information prior to starting an application.12:00 p.m. noon, Tuesday, March 3, 2020https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K8v_49Xz6V_7KTFIdwlpTpRhR2C5lTEXq4xX1ihzN0M/edit?usp=sharing
Pre-K through 8th Grade Classroom LibraryGrants up to $1000 will be awarded to individual elementary and middle school classroom teachers to establish or supplement classroom libraries. These awards are available to new teachers in their first two years of teaching or teachers that have changed grade levels or buildings in the last two years. A total of $25,000 may be awarded.Noon, Thursday, September 12, 2019https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hgMRFF5woCP-LqCftEbuTw8-3iZCTM0lUClLAgN0D3c/edit?usp=sharing
Extracurricular GrantExtracurricular Grants, with a maximum $500 award, provide a supplement for IESA/IHSA recognized sports or activities. These grants provide applicants with the opportunity to supplement team activities to ensure student athletes and activity team members have the resources necessary to compete at the highest level of competition. Applicants must be a SPSD186 employee.Accepted on a rolling basis until all allocated funds have been awarded. Information regarding monthly cut-off dates for application submission is available by clicking on the link in the Grant Application Reference Sheet column.https://docs.google.com/a/sps186.org/document/d/1dH7btPOmS6x1rWTc7typbacIATeTLDhtyBV5OwR6Wew/edit?usp=sharing
Special Education Life Skills GrantsThese grants, funded by the generosity of the Donnelly Family Trust, have no maximum award. They are designed to enhance the school experiences of special needs/life skills students by providing resources, which might otherwise not be available to those students and teachers. Applicants must be a SPSD186 employee.First Semester Awards - Noon, Friday, September 6. Second Semester Awards - Noon, Friday, January 10, 2020https://docs.google.com/document/d/16rn2YbGEcgUaGhjppoft4KK1n7cDXEyAqBFocUs-pIY/edit?usp=sharing
Special Project GrantThese grants, with a $1,500 maximum award, provide an opportunity for large projects or applicants who fall outside the parameters of our other grants. Applicants must be a SPSD186 employee.Accepted on a rolling basis until all allocated funds have been awarded. Information regarding monthly cut-off dates for application submission is available by clicking on the link under in the Grant Reference Sheet column.https://docs.google.com/a/sps186.org/document/d/1j5zYIoZbve4em6_GhiPWO899aGWW6QLLJI5ectq4tnA/edit?usp=sharing
All City Music Festival
Exploring Careers
Investigating Global Warming
Studio 186
Grant Ordering ProceduresPlease click on the arrow in the last column to access the Grant Ordering Procedures.https://docs.google.com/document/d/16n65pdHWeXQNJZRmRCXAfRV8WGArnbjidNkGAcldyRU/edit?usp=sharing
Grant Reimbursement/Invoice Payment FormPlease click on the arrow in the last column to access the Grant Reimbursement/Invoice Payment Form.https://goo.gl/forms/EpPpnX247Dob5P2v2
Purchase Order Request FormPlease click on the arrow in the last column to access the Purchase Order Request Formhttps://goo.gl/forms/E5D8f7iUGnv6DZjA3
Evaluation2018-2019 Grant EvaluationJune 30, 2019https://goo.gl/forms/dQ26JfSntaEauB0C2
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