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... a light-hearted look at the nurse's absence ...

May 11, 2011

Nurse Pricket is sickett!
She can’t come to school.
Her forehead is hot,
her nose, wet and cool.

Nurse Prickett is sickett!
She’s not coming in.
She’s achy and shaky
from her chin to her shin.

Nurse Pricket is sickett!
She doesn’t feel well at all.
(That’s what she said when she called,
her voice weak and small.)

Nurse Pricket is sickett!
That’s all there is to it.
Now what will we do?
Because it’s time that we do it!

The children are coming
at a quarter past soon,
and they’ll be here all morning
and all afternoon.

Without Nurse Prickett
(I may have mentioned, she’s ill)
who will dispense the bandages,
capsules, caplets, hugs, and pills?

Attention, students!
The loudspeaker speaks loudly,
I’m Principal Lanigan,
and as of right nowdly

if you get a boo boo
or start feeling queasy,
or your head comes loose,
or your nose feels sneezy,

just come to my office!
Nurse Prickett is away.
Nurse Pricket is sickett,
so I’ll be your nurse today.

No sooner had Principal Lanigan
sat down,
and in walked young Maggie McNown
with a frown.

Couldja pleath pull thith tooth?
It’s driving me thillly!
Mine too, Mrs. Lanigan!
said Zachary Gilley.

Next in line
was Brianna DuPree,
who’d been stung by a bee
and scraped her left knee.

There was crying and wailing,
a sniffle, a snork
from Juan who had (quite briefly)
sat down on a spork.

Lin bumped Louie’s head
into the wall.
Then Lou stomped Lin’s foot
which didn’t help at all.

Then in came sweet Vanessa
with a hug, which was nice.
She said, My mom said to tell you
our whole family has lice.

The Room 12 pet,
a rat named Duke,
gave birth on the table
causing Megan to puke.

A puking friend,
as everyone knows,
causes the next kid to puke, and the next,
like dominoes.

Trevor asked to go potty
but didn’t quite make it.
Jamal needs his medicine RIGHT NOW
but won’t take it.

Shariah forgot to
bring her inhaler.
And the Room 12 contingency
just kept getting paler.

You ran in the hall?
sighed Principal Lanigan,
handing an ice pack to Derek,
who was sorry he ran again.

Two students developed
strange allergy bumps.
Jordan fell off the swing,
causing head lumps.

The day nearly done,
her nerves all ashock,
Principal Lanigan sighed
and looked toward the clock.

She opened a bandage
then forgot where to stick it,
and under her breath sighed,
I miss you, Nurse Prickett!

The children called out
through achin’ and hurtin’,
‘Will Nurse Prickett be back
tomorrow, for certain?’

And she was, of course,
the very next day
back with her soothing
Nurse Prickett-y way.

Principal Lanigan,
back doing Principal stuff,
is much happier
(she thinks one job is enough).

But, she’s thinking of
taking some time off in May.
And that, friends, is a story
for a different day.

(by Misha, at 2007 Illinois Association of School Nurses Conference)