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~ Screening Classrooms for Lice? ~

September 20, 2011

This information was sent to members by the president of the Illinois Association of School Nurse, Sue Ickes. Staff and parents may find it interesting. For me, another application for the iPhone that I would not have thought was available is here.

Richard Pollack was for 22 years an entomologist at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. He is an expert in all things bug/buggy. His home page in his new job is: http://identify.us.com. His most recent interview may be heard online at NPR radio.

“Why are classroom screenings not recommended? Many of the reasons are presented on my website ( http://identify.us.com/idmybug/head-lice/head-lice-FAQS/index.html). Go to the tab entitled: "Why were my children sent home from school". If you're looking for a peer-reviewed article with hard data, you'll not likely find it. Similarly, there's no data to support screening in the first place.”

“Now, while we have each other's ear, I invite you to consider helping us to provide rapid, independent, confidential and expert evaluations of presumed lice (and nits), ticks, bed bugs and other pests. Please visit our 'IDmyBUG' site ( http://identify.us.com/products/idmybug-mobile.html). We're putting these into health offices and elsewhere. The goals are to improve the health and education of kids by enhancing your capabilities. Furthermore this insulates you from certain activities that can cause political and liability issues. We demonstrated this system at the recent NASN annual meeting. The response by school nurses who saw the system was astounding. Let me know if you want more information.”