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C I A - community in action

May 27, 2014 Congratulations, Fred Epting, a phenomenal student and citizen. We are very proud of you! Visit sj-r to read why many support and are inspired by him.

the Gift

May 20, 2014 It’s apparent that there are serious Cardinal fans throughout our district and their loyalty can be infectious among students as well. It isn’t surprising that many favor the redbirds, but what I found remarkable was a special gift from a student to a respected fan. Most students anticipate field trips, particularly a little boy that would get to visit Scheels for the first time. READ MORE

Dreamweavers Award Recipients

Mar 27, 2013 Our program was proud to present the 'Dreamweavers' award sketch to those who have been instrumental in helping to make dreams come true. The three outstanding recipients were the Altrusa Club of Springfield, A Hope to Dream Foundation, and Dr. Walter Milton Jr. We thank them for their generosity and involvement with the children and youth in our community. This amazing artwork and photography is by Sam Thiele of Blessed Sacrament School. READ MORE

Kids at the Margins

Dec 14, 2012 Patrick Yeagle of the Illinois Times illustrates the issues surrounding homeless children and youth in District 186. http://www.illinoistimes.com/Springfield/article-10800-kids-at-the-margins.html

Beautiful Minds

May 3, 2012 Students and staff within 186 continues to address the issues affecting our lives and the education of others. I was amazed at the hard work and ingenuity of a dynamic group of students in Mrs. Burgar's class at LMS. Their passion to assist families in transition extended beyond our walls and into the community.

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