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Summer Enrichment Literacy

June 29, 2021   2 photos
Franklin Middle School summer enrichment staff and students want to send a huge thank you to the Springfield Public Schools Foundation.  Their grants allowed our teachers and students the ability to enjoy two books from a series by author Kwame Aelxander.

FMS Summer Enrichment

June 25, 2021   32 photos
Our Art and Music classes were able to combine and collaborate at the halfway point before switching subjects.  Students were able to sit in groups and create drawings to music.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Cindy Huffman and Mrs.

Out of the Blue

June 24, 2021   3 photos
FMS Summer Enrichment wants to celebrate the hard work and positive attitudes of our students.  We chose students from week one who showed respect to others and worked hard.
Thank You to Springfield Public Schools Foundation

Franklin Middle School's Summer Enrichment Program would like to thank the Springfield Public Schools Foundation for the musical instruments, supplies and books the grant allowed our teachers to purchase for our students.  Mrs. Shaw, Music Teacher, is able to do a Rythm and Body Percussion Unit that is a change from the normal units used during the regular school year.  We are excited to see how it turns out, stay tuned!  Our ELA/SEL teachers, Mrs. Schnake and Mrs. Martin, purchased the first two books in a series that are age-appropriate and relates to the lives of preteens and teens.  A bonus is that the students will take home 2 to 3 novels to encourage them to continue to read over the summer.  Thank you so much for providing the extra funding needed to prepare our students for the 21-22 school year.

Franklin's Summer Enrichment

Attention current Franklin Middle School 6th and 7th graders.  Summer enrichment is available to students who need to sharpen their ELA and Math skills, as well as gain useful study habits.  English-Language Art will be blended with Social-Emotional Learning and Math will be blended with AVID.  Summer enrichment classes will focus on cooperative learning, classroom discussions, self-assessment and reflection, and academic expectations. The instruction will take place in-person, Chromebooks will be available for student use.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Art and Music for their electives.


Dates: June 14th through July 2nd from 9-12 (Monday-Friday)

Meals:  Breakfast will be served 8:30 to 8:50 and we will also provide grab-n-go lunch upon dismissal

Transportation is provided for those that are not within walking distance


Director: Jamie Womack jwomack@sps186.org (217)787-3006