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National Board Certification

Funding Available for Candidates

The 2012 Window for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy will open on February 15, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. for 500 First-Time Illinois Candidates!
The National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Illinois State University is excited to announce that the 2011 Window for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy is ready to open on Tuesday, February 15, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. GREAT NEWS! Funding is available for 500 first time candidates to receive the Illinois NBPTs Candidate Fee Subsidy of $2,000. The number of candidates may increase if additional funding becomes available, so continue to watch our website for regular updates.

Before the application date, we encourage you to read and become familiar with the details and links provided below. Take the time to read the short and very helpful ‘Common Errors’ and ‘Helpful Hints’ documents. These will help guide you to completing the online application.

Details about the Application Process
February 15, 2012 at 10:00 AM - May 15, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Step 1: Register at NBPTS and pay the $65 registration fee online www.nbpts.org

Step 2: Apply online for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy (nbrc.illinoisstate.edu)

Step 3: Once your name is on the Approved List, return to the NBPTS site and pay the
non- refundable $500 by May 30.

Available Links
· Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy Application will be ONLINE!

· Helpful Hints to help candidates complete the online Illinois Candidate Fee Subsidy Application.

· Common Errors Document to help candidates complete the online Illinois Candidate Fee subsidy application accurately.

· Approved List for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy: Names of candidates who are approved to receive the $2,000 Illinois Candidate Fee Subsidy will start to be announced on Monday, February 20th at 10:00 a.m. on the NBRC website. Once candidates see their names on the Approved List, they should return to NBPTS and pay the $500 by May 30, 2012.

Application Resources for the Online Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee
Subsidy Application

School Status Reports
Academic Warning and Early Warning Lists (2011)

50% Reduced-Priced Lunch Program Schools (2011)

NBPTS Teaching Certificate Abbreviation

Illinois Teaching Certificates Eligible for Approval

School RCDT Codes

Illinois Electronic Certification System (ECS)—Find your Teaching Certificate Number.

A Letter from Ronald Thorpe, CEO NBPTS

Dear Candidates,

After 6:00 a.m. (CST) Sunday, scores will be released to your My Profile accounts. Between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. (CST) on Sunday, November 20th, customer service staff will be in the NBPTS San Antonio office to answer any questions you might have about your results. Of course, they also will be available on Monday and in the coming days.

With so many NBCTs working as assessors and staff members, and serving as Directors at the National Board, we have first-hand knowledge of the hard work and dedication you have shown in your pursuit of National Board Certification. We also can understand your frustration about not receiving the news of your certification status on Friday when it was promised. I speak for every member of the NBPTS staff and Board of Directors in offering our sincere apologies.

Pearson — which is the company we contract with to host the candidate system for NBPTS — experienced technical difficulties with the servers that host your My Profile application. Their team, along with NBPTS staff in both San Antonio and Arlington, has been working around the clock since the problem surfaced on Friday in their servers. They now believe the problem has been solved, and they have asked us to share with you the following statement:

"Pearson is confident that the issues experienced did not affect the integrity of the candidate score database. All scores were validated in a multi-step process prior to establishing the score release date and remain valid. The issues experienced were limited solely to your ability to access your account and scores. Pearson and NBPTS emphasize that all score data are intact and valid. Pearson apologizes to the NBPTS and to you, the aspiring teachers who are seeking the prestigious National Board Certification, for this delay in providing scores."

At the National Board we try to live up to the same standards of excellence that each one of you holds. Whenever we fall short, or whenever one of our partners encounters a problem, we take that very seriously, and we aim to learn from it to be better in the future. In the coming weeks we will be sitting down with the Pearson team to understand completely what went wrong and to take steps to ensure that it does not recur.

Thank you for all you do for our country's students and for your commitment to setting a high bar when it comes to the definition of excellence in teaching and learning. Whether you achieved certification during this round or will be continuing toward that goal in the future, we are proud to be your partner in this work.

Ronald Thorpe
President and CEO
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Score Release Information

Next Step for Candidates in Waiting 2011

Hello Candidates-In-Waiting,

In the past, many candidates-in-waiting have said that it is helpful to know information about next steps prior to receiving their scores from NBPTS. Below is information about score release and next steps for newly-named NBCTs and advanced retake candidates. PLEASE read this message in its entirety.

Score Release and Notification

1. NBPTS states notification will occur before December 31. In previous years notification was made the week before Thanksgiving, during National Education Week (second week in November) and the first week of December. For most years in the past, notification occurred the week before Thanksgiving.

2. Prior to notification, NBPTS will post the date when candidates may view their scores. Continue to check the NBPTS website in November and/or December for the announcement of the date when candidates-in-waiting may view scores online at the NBPTS website. In the past, NBPTS sent a blast email to all candidates-in-waiting a day or two before the release date sharing information about the procedure.

3. When NBPTS opens notification for candidates, they change the website so you will be able to go to the NBPTS MY Profile to log in and view your scores. You will need your candidate ID, birth date, and social security number. Only candidates have access to view their scores.

4. Once in the secure site, you will be able to view a letter and your scores. A score of 275 points is required to achieve National Board Certification.

5. About a week to ten days after candidates are allowed to view their results on the website, the public may see the names of newly-named NBCTs on the website in the NBCT directory. It allows you to fill in the information to narrow the search to better view lists of NBCTs. By selecting the year 2011 you will be able to view the newly-named NBCTs. NBPTS does not post any lists of those who do not achieve. Only the newly-named NBCTs are posted.

Newly-Named NBCTs

1. Please contact mentors and those wanting to celebrate with you.
2. Become familiar with the two websites listed below. These sites will provide you with important information about forms, due dates, and opportunities for NBCTs.

What You Can Find
The NBRC at Illinois State University

· Contacts to make arrangements to mentor and support candidates. There is no mentor compensation so all mentoring is volunteer.
· Other Information for Candidates and NBCTs.
The Illinois State Board of Education

· Forms
· Other Information for Candidates and NBCTs

a. Illinois Master Certificate. First, complete the Application for the Illinois Master Certificate. This form is available at the ISBE website. Please submit this form directly to ISBE at: Illinois State Board of Education, Certification Division, S-306, Springfield, IL 62777.

b. Mentoring/Providing Professional Development (PD). Because of reduced state budgets, there is no compensation this year for mentoring or providing professional development. Mentoring of candidates is voluntary.
c. Illinois NBPTS Stipend. Due to reduced state budgets, we are sorry that Illinois NBCTs will no longer be paid a $3,000 annual stipend.

Mentor and Support Candidates. Contact your NBCT Regional Coordinator or NBCTs directing cohorts of candidates in your region to become involved in volunteering your support to candidates. Contact information is found on the NBRC at Illinois State University webpage with schedules of IL Candidate Cohort Sessions (pdf).

Pay it Forward. Many NBCTs have benefited from mentoring services that have been offered through the Illinois Comprehensive Support System. Now is the time to pay it forward. Add your name to the list of NBCT Volunteer Mentors. Names of mentors will NOT be posted on the website. Volunteer Mentors will be monitored through the NBRC office.

Retake - Advanced Candidates

Each Advanced Candidate will handle notification in a unique way. It is important to recognize the accomplishment in completing both the portfolio entries and the assessment center exercises. Less than .4% of the teaching population in the nation has taken the risk to analyze their teaching against the NBPTS standards. There are many people and colleagues who understand the risk taken and are available to support you as you make decisions as to how to proceed through the continuation of the NBPTS process toward National Board Certification. Please contact mentors and those wanting to support you.

Here are some helpful hints to guide your decisions.

The NBRC offers resources to Advanced/Retake Candidates in completing the three-year National Board Certification process. You will find podcasts, instructions, organizers, and handouts to support Advanced/Retake candidates to use the NBPTS documents as you make decisions in completing your portfolio and/or prepare for the Assessment Center.

* Be sure to review scores, requirements, helpful hints, and strategies to select the retake entries and exercises. Contact your NBCT mentor or Regional Coordinator for support.

2. The National Board for Professional Teachers NBPTS website will help you understand the requirements for being an Advanced/Retake Candidates
a. Download files
i. Retake Portfolio Instructions
ii. Retake Assessment Center Instructions (Available soon)
iii. Banking Information in the “Guide to National Board Certification”
b. Print and follow the directions in the “View My Scores. To view your scores at the NBPTS website, you will need your name, birth date, and social security number.
c. Read the specific rubric on the NBPTS website to find a description of what evidence may have been found or missing.
d. Read the information at NBPTS site about scoring and banking.
e. Read through the questions on the document, “Ask Yourself (pdf)” at the NBRC at ISU website to begin to make decisions about which portfolio or assessment center exercises to retake.

Additional Information

1. The Illinois State Board of Education does not pay for retake fees.
2. Advanced candidates must register at NBPTS by January 31, 2012 and pay for the selected retake entries by that date. It is recommended to make the decision to retake early and apply to NBPTS as soon as possible in order to have enough time to work on the portfolio entries.
3. The portfolio entries are due April 15, 2012. The Assessment Center schedule is the same as in the past year.

As you work through the process of deciding which entries or exercises to retake, remember the purpose of seeking National Board Certification. Use the process as a lever to improve your teaching. Remember what you learned as you completed the process then focus on how you can continue to learn and stretch your thinking to make decisions in your teaching and learning that will impact your students’ learning.

Again, congratulations on submitting the portfolio and assessment center exercises for National Board Certification. As you await notification, please know there are many educators and leaders throughout Illinois who respect your commitment to improving your teaching and the learning of your students and are ready to support you in your next steps.

Best Wishes,

Debra Kasperski, NBCT
Director, National Board Resource Center
Illinois State University
Campus Box 5390
Normal, Illinois 61790


Score Release 2011

2010-2011 NBPTS Candidates: Your score results will be made available on Friday, November 18, 2011!
National Board Certification candidates you will have access to your scores online via your My Profile account. If you have not accessed My Profile since July 21, 2011, you will need to re-register your account . This re-registration process does not require that you create a new account or submit a new application.

It's quick, easy, and only necessary the first time you access My Profile in this new environment.

Basically, the re-registration process requires that you
Access My Profile at www.nbpts.org/myprofile and login using your existing User Name and Password. (Do not create a new account)
If you have forgotten your User Name and Password, reset your Password and retrieve your User Name by clicking RESET PASSWORD.
Answer one question about your profession, and create responses to two security questions.

If you have any questions, please call 1-888-780-7805 to speak to our customer support team.

Understanding Your Scores
The National Board Certification scoring process has been developed and is reviewed annually to ensure that your response receives a reliable, accurate, and fair evaluation. This section provides information about the process, tips and tools to clearly understand the NBPTS scoring process. Download your scoring guide.

The Scoring Process
Be assured that your portfolio entries and assessment center exercises are evaluated fairly and accurately, according to a rigorous and established scoring process.

Evidence-Based Scoring
All scoring is based on the evidence you submit, and each source offers an opportunity to see you at work and to evaluate your practice in light of conscious, analytical and reflective criteria. Your work will be scored by NBPTS-trained assessors who evaluate your evidence in light of the standards. No one approach to teaching or school counseling is mandated or rewarded by the scoring process.

Scored By Your Peers
Each assessor scores only a portion of a candidate’s submission. A certain percentage of entries are scored independently by two different assessors. This ensures that different assessors have reviewed each component of each candidate's work. Once your complete National Board Certification assessment has been submitted, it is evaluated by at least 12 classroom teachers who must meet the same eligibility requirements as a candidate.

Scoring Resources

Scoring Guides by Certificate
In the Scoring Guides you'll find rubrics that are used to score your portfolio entries and assessment center exercises.

To review the Scoring Guide for your certificate, select your certificate from the drop-down menu. All documents are in PDF format. If you are unable to open them, please download the latest version of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Web site

Candidate Meetings 2011-2012

Candidate Meetings are opportunities for teachers who are going through the National Board Certification process to meet with other teacher candidates across the district. The meetings are designed to meet the ongoing and varied needs of candidates in all certificate areas and are led by trained Candidate Cohort Facilitators using materials created by the National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University.
Meetings are held at
Iles Elementary School
1700 S. 15th Street
Room 116
4:15 - 5:30
Check the calendar on this site or scroll down for a list of meeting dates. A variety of dates are offered so that candidates have choices that fit their own schedule and needs. You are welcome to come to a few or come to them all!
Questions? Feel free to contact Sara Oehlert (soehlert@sps186.org) or Amy Lund (alund@sps186.org)

BIG group- Sept. 6
Amy small-Sept. 14
Sara small- Sept. 28

Big group-Oct. 4
Amy small- Oct. 12
Sara small- Oct. 26

Big group- Nov. 1
Amy small-Nov. 9
Sara small- Nov. 30

Big group-Dec. 6
Amy small- Dec. 14

Big group- Jan 10
Sara small-Jan. 18

Big group- Feb. 7
Amy small- Feb. 15
Sara small- Feb. 29

Big group-Mar. 6

Big group Packing Mar. 21

Big group-May 1

Big group- May 9

Renewal Candidate?

Are you a NBCT who will be going through renewal this year? There will be no face-to-face meeting this year due to limited funding, but you can find many helpful resources here: http://nbrc.illinoisstate.edu/nbcts/certrenewal.shtml

Certificate Renewal, National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University
The NBRC and NBPTS offer support to NBCTs in their eighth or ninth year of certification to seek Certificate Renewal. NBCTs who certified in 2002 and 2003 may renew in the year 2011-2012.

Candidate Meeting Notes 2011-2012

Candidate Meeting Notes 11-1-11

Dear Candidates,

At today's meeting we talked about how the questions in each entry directions are designed to support candidates in showing evidence of how they think through the teaching process. We also discussed the evidence that we can gather that answers each of these questions throughout the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching.

I have attached two documents that may help you continue to find evidence and write about the decisions you make around assessment, setting goals, and instruction.

Next week (Nov. 9) please bring some writing to analyze on your own or with the group.
Nov. 30 and Dec. 14 be prepared to bring videos!
Come even if you do not have writing or videos to share!

See you next week!

Sara and Amy

- Candidates and Readers met together to discuss the roles and responsibilities for each.
- Candidates met separately with Amy to continue exploring the video-taping process and raise any questions or concerns they had.
- Some time was also devoted to reviewing directions and discussing issues that have come up since the last time we met.
Sara met with the NBCT Readers.
- read and discussed the Ethics Statement from NBPTS
- reviewed cognitive coaching tips and questioning techniques
- shared contact information with candidates.
Next Meeting: November 1, Iles School, 4:15

Candidate Meeting Notes 10-7-11

At our meeting last Tuesday we...

- looked at the Contextual Information and the Instructional Context sections and discussed how this information is the "what we know about our students" section of the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching and sets the cycle of teaching and learning in motion
- discussed how to add value to the portfolio entries (i.e.paint a realistic picture of your classroom; point the assessors to the exact places that they will find the evidence; quote directly from the student work and students' comments; describe (provide narrative of event), analyze (tell how and why) and reflect (look back for successes and opportunities for improvement, etc.)
- considered different forms of quantitative (i.e. test scores, time on task data, % of completed work) and qualitative (i.e.participation, self-esteems, coming to class prepared, positive comments, attitudes about learning, etc.) evidence of teaching and learning

NEXT MEETING: October 12 - we will answer questions and address concerns but also provide time, space, peace and quiet for writing if you would like

SAVE THE DATE: OCT. 26 - Meet Your Reader Night! 4:15 - 5:15
We have invited NBCTs who would like to read/mentor candidates to join us for some refreshments and learning. If you have already contacted someone to read for you please encourage them to join us! Please RSVP. Refreshments will be served. Yum!

Have a great week and...
Sara and Amy

Candidate Meeting Notes 9-28-11

At our meeting last night we...

1. Checked-in and found that
permission slips are getting sent home and brought back
there has been some progress on Entry 4 although getting started with the writing has been a challenge
some teachers have been reading and highlighting the standards
many are continuing to organize binders, etc.

2. Identified Next Steps
send home permission slips
organize video taping equipment - double check what is needed and where it can be located (camera, cords, mics, etc.)
read and highlight standards to guide thinking about what is going well and what could be better with teaching and learning in the classroom
map out entries - - focus on creating a timeline to help guide the work that needs to be done
calendar of dates identifying timeline for completion
analyze what that entry is looking for
selection of students
collection of artifacts that are evidence of student learning
verification forms

3. Provided time to work on entries and read entries

Next Meeting: October 4- check your directions and bring what you need to focus on Contextual Information Sheet and the Instructional Context that you will send in with your entries.

See you soon. Until then...stay amazed!

Sara and Amy

Candidate Meeting 9-14-2011

Candidate Support 9/14
-Organize Materials: We discussed of many different ways of organizing the materials for NB. (Binders, folders, computer documents, flash drives)
-iCal: Reviewed how handouts and messages will be sent through iCal invites. Possible to set events for yourself, create own timelines, deadlines to help with accountability.
-Check-in: How are people feeling? (overwhelmed, difficult to jump in, organized, planned)

Questions that came up during the session:
-Entry 4: You need to show evidence of being a leader at the State/Local/National Level, is this all three?
-Entry 4: How do names need to appear on agendas in evidence?
-Entry 4: Is a flipcam adequate for videotaping?
-All Entries: How do you pick the students? Can you use the same student?

I didn't include the discussion we had about these questions. Feel free to email thoughts to the group after finding answers in your directions.

Next Candidate Support Session: September 28th 4:15 @ Iles Elementary

Candidate Meeting 1 September 6, 2011

Candidate Support Session 1:
September 6, 2011

Amy Lund and Sara Oehlert

Outcomes for this session include…
• Know, analyze and compose in the 3 types of writing
• Practice NBPTS writing
• Understand how to format your entries
• Entry 4 check-in

4:15 - 4:20 Welcome and Introductions

4:20 - 4:25 Check-in: What’s going well?

4:25 - 4:50 Writing for your NBTS Portfolio

4:50 - 5:15 Formatting your work

5:15 - 5:20 Reviewing Entry 4

5:20 - 5:30 Burning Questions

Parking Lot for Burning Questions and Concerns

11.16.10 Candidate Meeting Notes from Amy Lund

Two things came up at our Candidate meeting on November 11, 2010.

1. EC Generalist and MC Generalist should have received a new CD with wording changes to entry 3's directions. The "BIG IDEAS in Science" is now called something different. Directions and scope of the entry are the same; there is just more clarification.

2. The "current year" parent involvement for Entry 4 is to be between the dates March 31, 2010-March 31, 2011. This was a clarification for people working on Entry 4, and making sure that they could count the accomplishment in the "current" year type status.