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F.A.C.E. Mission

Building Relationships and Partnerships to Support Student Achievement

F.A.C.E. Principles

  • Deepen FACE Teams

  • Enhance Communication

  • Build a Welcoming Environment

  • Empower Parents in Decision Making

F.A.C.E. Defined

"Springfield Public School District defines Family and Community Engagement as school, family & community partnerships built on trust and meaningful communication that creates strong academic support systems for all students."

Laketown needs your voice, energy and time! The F.A.C.E. team is a committee of parents, staff, and community partners that meets monthly to discuss and form action plans on topics that needs our focus. We come together to learn and set goals for the year to support student achievement. "Let's breakdown the barrier and start working together"!

Our mission as a Family & Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) team at Laketown Elementary School is to promote and encourage communication between parents, teachers, administration and the community.

Our next F.A.C.E. meeting will be held on Tuesday March 10, 2020 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm. We will be meeting at Catherdral of Immaculate Conception, Cafeteria (524 E. Lawerence Ave, Springfield, IL 62703)

F.A.C.E. Team Meetings

2019-20 F.A.C.E. Team Meetings

Community Resources

Information poster

Free landlord-tenant workshop!
Greetings Lions! Come out to learn information about the landlord-tenant relationship. responsibilites and rights. 

Free phone program!
Hello Laketown Lions! If there's a family in need of a cell phone please take a look at the free government-supported cell phone and minutes program. To get more information, go to the website: Thanks!

LINK at the Farmers Market!
Greeting Laketown Lions! If your family enjoys eating fresh fruits and vegetables please take a look at the flyer for Springfield, IL farmers market. If you have a LINK card, you can swipe it and get up to $25 bonus LINK match dollars to spend on more fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy!

District 186 Community Resource
Here you will find Dental, Medical, Housing, Utilities, and other resources.  This link takes you away from the Laketown F.A.C.E. page.

2-1-1 is a one-stop connection to the local services 24/7, accessible to everyone, toll-free, with multilingual capabilities.  Simply dial 2-1-1 or call 1-888-865-9903

Contact our Parent Educator, Jashay Fisher-Fowler, for more information.

2019-20 Family Engagement Calendar of Events


Time Frame


What is it?


Oct. 3, 2019

7:45-8:45 am

Grandparent's Day Breakfast!

Grandparent's Communication, Love and Learn Breakfast. We will be honoring our grandparent's and other mentors as an important part of our lives. 

Grandparent's day Breakfast (1)

Nov. 7, 2019

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Math Night!

We will be covering several math topics through practicing math activities, games and take home materials. Parents will learn how to access and navigate thier students reflex, epic and prodigy accounts so they can start practicing math skills at home. 

Math Night Flyer

Dec. 19, 2019

4:00-6:00 pm

Gingerbread STEM & Family Night!

As we are preoaring for the holiday season, we are inviting our Laketown students and families to join us for some fun holiday themed math activities and gingerbread house decorating. We're incorpating STEM lessons into having fun and spending time with families. 

gingerbread night flyer

Jan. 31, 2020

7:45-8:40 AM

Breakfast with Dads

A morning event where students will spend time with their fathers or someone special while eating breakfast, communicating and doing a fun actvity. Laketown encourages our families to get involved with their child(ren) and the school. Family involvement increases student involvement and confidence here at school.  

B w: dad agenda

Title I Compact & Policy

Laketown Title I Compact 2021-22

Each Title I school shall develop, with parents, a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement while building partnerships to help children achieve high standards.

These will be given out at Parent/Teacher Conferences the week of 11/01/21. If you do not sign / receive a compact here at Laketown, please contact your child's teacher.

Volunteer Opportunities

Big Brother Big Sister program
Laketown has an opportunity to have a Big Brother Big Sister site based program at the school but we are in need of volunteers. The volunteers will be big brothers or big sisters to the littles here at Laketown. If you are interested, please reach out to Miss J. for more information. 

Plug into something POSITIVE!
The Outlet is a Mentoring Program that helps young fatherless youth to develop the ability to make responsible life decisions, hold meaningful spiritual values, explore their gifts, and realize their dreams. They are seeking for male mentors, financial partners, program volunteers and outreach volunteers. 

Mrs. Jaunice Walker


Contact our F.A.C.E. Liaison, Mrs. Jaunice Walker