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Occupational & Physical Therapy

Arwah Franklin, Supervisor
Community Based Programs, OT/PT
3031 Stanton, Springfield, IL 62703
Direct Services

When the therapist provides direct intervention, he or she works with a student in or out of the classroom on a frequent, consistent basis. 

"Direct intervention is used when the distinct and ongoing expertise of the Therapy Practitioner is required to implement strategies to help the student develop skills and/or enable the student to participate in the educational program. The Therapy Practitioner’s distinct expertise may be needed until a student has adequate skills and/or until the implementation of therapeutic techniques and strategies (modifications/accommodations) used within the educational program can be safely or consistently incorporated within the daily routine by non-Therapy Practitioner personnel."

(“INTERVENTIONS WITH THE STUDENT” OR DIRECT INTERVENTION section of the Recommended Practice for Occupational and Physical therapy Services in Illinois Schools-Illinois State Board of Education, www.isbe.net, page 55, 2019)

Consultative Services

"When the Therapy Practitioner provides intervention on behalf of the student, he or she provides consultative/collaborative intervention and performs other indirect activities necessary to meet the student’s needs in the educational setting. For consultative/collaborative intervention, the Therapy Practitioner identifies therapeutic materials and/or strategies to address the student’s needs. The Therapy Practitioner then collaborates with the teacher, other staff, parents/guardians, and, when appropriate, the student, regarding use of those materials and/or strategies. While direct intervention with the student may be needed initially to develop and monitor an appropriate consultative program, consultation or collaboration is primarily problem solving with the educational team to determine appropriate expectations, environmental modifications, assistive 57 technology, and possible instructional or therapeutic strategies that can be used with the student in naturally occurring environments and activities. As part of consultative/collaborative intervention, the Therapy Practitioner may work directly with the student to determine appropriate strategies/techniques to be used by the student and/or educational team, or to model strategies for the student and/or team members within the naturally occurring setting."

(“INTERVENTIONS ON BEHALF OF THE STUDENT” OR CONSULTATIVE/ COLLABORATIVE INTERVENTION AND OTHER INDIRECT ACTIVITIES section of the Recommended Practice for Occupational and Physical Therapy Services in Illinois Schools-Illinois State Board of Education, www.isbe.net, page 56-57, 2019)

Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Educational Service Delivery Model

Tier 1 Services: Exercises or activities are provided to the entire class.

Tier 2 Services : Students are placed into small groups with similar skill levels and are provided with specific therapeutic interventions to facilitate educational objectives.

Tier 3 Services: Students who require more intensive interventions are provided with individualized therapy techniques to achieve educational objectives.