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Arwah Franklin, Supervisor
Community Based Programs, OT/PT
3031 Stanton, Springfield, IL 62703
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between school-based and medical-based therapy services?

School based services must be relevant to improving the student's performance in the educational setting. Services may include providing adaptations and accommodations to support the student's educational needs, by providing consultation to school staff, and providing direct therapy services when indicated. 

Medical based services address goals related to improving functional performances at home and in the community. These services are based on medical necessity, not educational relevance.

Will my child ALWAYS receive Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy services?

Services will be provided to meet IEP goals and objectives. Performance will be regularly monitored and will be modified, as determined by the IEP team.

Can Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists provide services to children who do not have disabilities or have not been referred for a special education evaluation?

If educational concerns are present, Physical and Occupational therapists can provide a functional screening and make initial remediation suggestions to the educational staff. 

How do you refer a student for Occupational and Physical Therapy services?

Student's Without an IEP: A screening can be requested for a student with suspected deficits that are impacting his/her educational performance. A student may also be referred as a part of the initial case study to assess eligibility for special education and/or related services. In some cases, OT and PT may be part of a 504 plan to address accommodations.

Student's With An IEP: A therapy referral is generated by the IEP team based on deficits that are impacting their educational performance. Once a physician's prescription is obtained, the therapy evaluation can be completed. The IEP team will meet to review evaluation results and to determine therapy service needs, if indicated, to meet educational objectives.