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Introducing Parent to Parent (P2P)!

April 28, 2011
attachmentParent to Parent (P2P)

"A place to feel the same"— ELC Pre K Parent

Parent-to-Parent (P2P) is a newly formed parent mentor initiative supporting Springfield Public Schools District 186 families of students with disabilities.

The purpose of P2P is to connect parents with each other. It’s a networking effort to promote and encourage parents to connect with other families of students with disabilities.

My role as the parent mentor is to initiate, facilitate and support the parent meetings. My goal is to bring parents together with a common interest in support of each other.

I would like to see this initiative become parent lead with parents working together in support of one another.

When families with the same or similar backgrounds come together, it can provide mutually needed information and support. There is a sense of community, understanding, a place to laugh about the same things, talk about concerns and help each other. Being able to talk openly with others in the same situation can help parents brainstorm for realistic, pragmatic solutions and is often exactly the support that is needed.

On yesterday I was able to hold an informational meeting at the Early Learning Center for parents who expressed interest in joining P2P and I received valuable feedback.

I asked the parents what they wanted to receive from P2P and one of the parents responded "A place to feel the same" and I told her that is the exact goal of P2P to offer parents a place to feel the same amongst other parents walking the same walk.

For more information on P2P please contact Jacqueline Gragg, Parent Mentor at 217.525.3060.