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Resources for Physical Education

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Illinois State Standards
Physical Development and Health Descriptors - Goals 19-24Physical Development and Health Descriptors-Goals19-24
Goal 19 - Movement SkillsGoal 19-Movement Skills (1)
Goal 20 - Physical FitnessGoal 20-Physical Fittness
Goal 21 - Team BuildingGoal 21-Team Building
Goal 22 - Health Promotion and PreventionGoal 22-Health Promotion and Prevention
Goal 23 - Human Body SystemsGoal 23- Human Body Systems
Goal 24 - Communication and Decision MakingGoal 24-Communication and Decision Making
Playworks Game Guide
Playworks Game GuidePlayworks Game Guide
Kids' Exercise Guidelines Need More Focus on Brain Development
Kids' Exercise Guidelines Need More Focus on Brain Development
SPARK Resources

SPARK provides free resources to support physical education and coordinated school health programs, including sample lesson plans, a monthly professional development webinar series, monthly e-newsletters with teaching tips and grant information, and a Grant-Finder tool for Illinois-specific grants.

Spark Resources
A Guide for Parents and Students

A simple guide for parents and children on fun and easy activities to do at home. This guide centers around health, wellness, nutrition and physical activity.

Let's Move
Taking the Dread Out of Phys Ed - The "New" PE

This is an article from the "Wall Street Journal" about how physical education is focusing on physical fitness activities and acceptable fitness zones, as opposed to picking teams and getting graded on running the mile.

This philosophy ties directly to the efforts of the Springfield Pubic Schools and FitnessGram, the testing system for elementary and middle school students.

The "New" PE
Brain Break Teacher Kit K-5

genH has developed a Brain Break Kit for Teachers. The only supplies teachers need are a soft ball of some kind and a deck of cards. Teachers can access this site for background information when requesting Brain Break training or when genH visits the classroom. This site will serve as a great resource for other Brain Break Coaches too.

Brain Break for Teachers
Recess B4 Lunch

An article showing the positive impact of having recess before lunch.

Recess B4 Lunch
Improving Health and Academic Performance - Let's Move in School!

America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids. Find out more on the Michelle Obama's and America's effort to increase wellness efforts for our students.

Let's Move in School offers physical education teachers, principals, district administrators, and parents FREE tools and resources to make physical activity, part of the everyday culture, before, during, and after school.

Let's Move in School
Beyonce and her choreographer, teach the steps to "Get the Kids Moving."

A "flash workout" at the direction of two powerful leaders: Beyonce and the First Lady.

Beyonce's New Video
CATCH News - Healthy Lifestyles

This newsletter reports on the efforts to incorporate healthy lifestyles during the school day in various schools and school districts across the country.

FitnessGram 10

FitnessGram10 is the revitalized face of FitnessGram!

Physical Education Workouts/Assignments/Apps Presentation
Physical Education Workouts/Assignments/App PresentationP.E. Workouts:Assignments:Apps Presentation