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Saturday Academies

What are Saturday Academies?

Saturday Academies are opportunities for students to receive first-hand information on various careers that may be of interest to them. Students will gain an understanding of the career choices within a given field, receive a sampling of job-related experiences, participate in field trips and understand the high school coursework needed to gain entrance into a postsecondary institution.

Some Saturday Academies also provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership potential through activities involving self-exploration and building strong communication skills. Activities such as these provide students with insightful information that will assist them in their educational pursuits and achievement of their career goals. As a result of their participation, students better understand the importance of communication as it relates to success, how to effectively study and the proper behavior of successful individuals.

Who Can Attend?

Each academy targets a specific age group of students. Currently, the majority of Academies are being developed for high school-aged students, with a few offerings for students in grades 6-8. As additional classes are developed, it is our goal to involve students of all ages.

Please contact Pete Sherman, Director of Communications, 525-3006 or psherman@sps186.org for further information.

Youth Leadership Academy

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that sponsors The Youth Leadership Program. The Youth Leadership program believes every leader has one thing in common- that is the ability to communicate effectively. The organization tries to help young people develop communication and leadership skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. The Youth Leadership Program believes every person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader. They believe these skills needs to be developed and continually nurtured in order to reach their full potential.

This program will be offered as a Saturday Academy. It will focus on specialized skills and individual needs. Five key points that students will learn are:

• To overcome the nervousness
• Organize and present their ideas
• Listen carefully to others' ideas
• Offer advice that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills
• Participate in and lead group discussions or meetings

Through these five points participants will be able to increase their self-confidence.

The program is presented in 8 sessions to a group limited to 20 to 25 students per school to ensure all participants receive individual attention. Each session will last two hours; there is no cost to participants. Each week will offer a specific topic to help the students develop their skills.

Engineering Academy

Feel free to look on our photos tab and see the pictures from the Fall 2008 Engineering Academy! Check back to see when the next Engineering Academy will be held!