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Jane Addams Device Return and Student Item Pick-Up

May 21, 2020

Tuesday, May 26th for last names A - J from 9:00 – 2:00 

Wednesday, May 27th for last names K - Z from 9:00 – 2:00 

*Families can drop off other students' devices/books on either day if they have a sibling or family member with a different last name.  If your household has students from other district schools, you may also return those devices.

What to Bring Back to Addams 


  2. School library books and/or textbooks.

  3. Any other school items (i.e., nylon reading bags, reading books) 

Device Return 

Please be aware this process may take longer than device roll-out.  Addams will use a drive-through process where families will stay in their vehicles: 

1. Enter the car rider lane from the south entrance. 

  • Please power on your device before you get to the school. 

  • If you are picking up medication, please let the staff member know when you arrive. 

2. A staff member will take the device into the building where it will be scanned into the information system and checked for damage.  Families will also return any library books, textbooks or other materials to that staff member. 

3. After the school has received the device, library books, etc., please pull forward to the bus lane or car rider lane staying in line with the other vehicles. (If possible, put your students’ name on passenger side window or dash so our runners can easily identify your car.)

4. Once the device review is completed, a staff member will exit from the school's main doors and return to your vehicle with a bag including: 

  • a receipt for your device return 

  • your child’s report card or progress report 

  • any spring pictures you may have ordered

  • applicable personal items left by the student 

5. The family will exit the school grounds.