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SBCS Car Rider Procedures

September 5, 2018

The safety of our children, cooperation with faculty and consideration of others is paramount when picking-up and dropping-off.  We require that all phone calls regarding transportation changes be made by 2:45 PM.

When entering and exiting the parking lot from/to Ash St. please use the appropriately mark “Entry” and “Exit” lanes.

Drop-Off Procedure- Students should not be dropped off before 8:40 a.m.

If you are dropping off your child(ren) and not parking, please form a line in front of the school and wait until you are even with the front doors to have your child(ren) exit the vehicle.  Our front door greeters will be there to assist those that may need it. We want to avoid dropping off children elsewhere in the parking line so that they don’t have to cross between cars.

If you are dropping off you child(ren) and want to come inside with them, please use one of the designated parking spaces.  Do not allow your child(ren) to cross the parking lot unescorted.

If your child(ren) arrives after last/tardy bell at 9:05 a.m., you must sign them into the office as tardy before they can go to their classroom.  If your child(ren) is going to be late or absent, please also use the Attendance Line (217) 525-3275 to let the school know.


Pick-Up Procedure- Students are dismissed at 3:23 p.m.

After school pick-up and not parking, please form two lines after you have made the turn at the south end of the parking lot.  In order to keep the lines moving, please stay in your car and move forward as directed by the faculty member on duty.

After school pick-up and parking to come retrieve your child(ren) from inside, please use one of the designated parking spaces.  Please escort your child(ren) across the parking lot to your vehicle. Do not allow them to cross in front of the pick-up lines unattended.

If you need to pick up your child(ren) early, please check in at the office first.  You will need to sign them out and they will then be called down to the office to meet you.

For the safety of all students:

* Be kind in the line * Be patient * Please don’t leave your car unattended in the line *

*Never rush into or out of the parking lot *