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Springfield Ball Charter School Remote Learning Schedule

August 11, 2020

This is the remote learning schedule for Springfield Ball Charter School, grades K-8 (Primary K/1), Upper Primary (2/3), Intermediate (4/5), Middle-Level (6-8). 

Yellow represent synchronous instruction: Teachers will be on Zoom or another interactive program with the students for lessons and activities.  Students may not be required to remain on the video chat portion the entire duration of the class period.  Teachers will determine how long they need face-to-face interction.  However, connecting with the teacher at this time will account for your student's daily attendance record. 

White represents asynchronous instruction: Students are expected to work independently at this time to complete assignments.  Teachers are available for support during this time.  Each teacher will let families know the best way to contact them (email, ClassDojo, google classroom, etc...)

Every Monday that school is in session is SI or Study Island day.  They will not use general lesson plans provided by the teacher.  Students will log in to Study Island with an expection of 90 minutes of reading and 90 minutes of math anytime throughout the day.  Each student has been enrolled in Study Island/Exact Path - an individulized learning path based on NWEA MAP scores that were collected last winter.  We believe this will allow students to begin with targeted interventions and move through the standards at an appropriate pace.  Their participation will account for their attendance record on Mondays.  We will also have monthly school celebrations for Blue Ribbons and logged hours.  We also acknowledge that this is an efficient way for students to work independently on teacher planning days because they have at least three months of experience with the program.