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Ball Charter Daily Attendance Reminder

August 28, 2020

View a short video message from Principal Williams HERE

Thank you for the many sacrifices and adjustments that you are making to support your child during this time of remote learning.  Although we are fully remote, we are also fully accountable for daily attendance.  If your child is not in attendance during any scheduled classroom time Tuesday - Friday, we must mark your student absent from school.  When we are in-person for school, parents are required to contact the school for absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals.  That policy is still in effect during remote learning.  On Mondays, your student must participate in Study Island math and reading sometime during the day (60 min. math/60 min. reading) to be counted for attendance. We understand this is a challenging time, but we are not able to teach your child if they are not logged on and we still accept the responsibility of doing all we can to offer quality remote instruction.  At Ball Charter, please partner with us as we strive to be at school, on time, everyday.