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9/21/20 Ball Charter Updates and Announcements

September 21, 2020

Congratulations on completing five weeks of remote learning! Here are some helpful reminders and announcements.


Please visit our school webpage for the school calendar.  We started two weeks before District 186, so our calendar is different than the rest of the school district. 


We will be hosting our first VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW! Check your email for a link to the video DropBox where you can submit a two-minute video by October 5th.  You may include family members or friends.  We love to see magic tricks, comedians, dance, singing, art, and less-known talents such as sports achievements or activities you would usually not be able to perform on the school stage.  I will send out more reminders over the next two weeks.


School technology devices are monitored by GoGuardian.  Please ensure that your student or anyone in the household using that device are on school-appropriate websites. We have contacted some families this week for misuse or questionable activity.


Mondays are still reserved for one hour of math and one hour of reading on Study Island unless it is a holiday or teacher inservice. If students are not required for attendance, they do not have to complete Study Island hours.  Middle-level participation is low for Study Island.  Please make sure your students are participating when required.  Students with IEPs may be required to meet with their teachers on Mondays to meet IEP-required minutes.


Primary and Upper Primary student attendance drops significantly in the afternoon.  Please makes sure students attend the afternoon sessions. 

INTERMEDIATE (Grades 4 and 5)

Intermediate student schedules have changed.  They will now attend math first thing in the morning at 9:45 AM.  Teachers feel that this change will catch kids when they are most alert for one of their most rigorous subjects.  Please update alarms so that students are logged into Zoom daily by 9:45 AM.  I like for my daughter to log in five minutes early to make sure we don't experience any technical difficulties at the last minute.


Middle Level students are now at the midterm.  We encourage parents to check their grades weekly so that low academic performance is not a surprise.  Please rely on online grade-book checks rather than simply asking your student. Teachers email student concerns to parents regularly.  They also email students regularly, so feel free to check the student email account.  Adopting these strategies now will be valuable for the rest of their middle school and high school careers.

If you don't know how to log on, please ask your student. 7th and 8th grade students performed grade checks every week for the last two years.  6th grade students have learned how to view grades this year.  You can also call the main office for your registration username and password if you have forgotten or misplaced them.  You can use this to access your student's cumulative folder and view grades.


Please partner with teachers.  They are online Tuesday - Thursday all day and then commit many more hours to student support and planning.  If your child's academic performance does not meet your expectations, work as a team for improvement rather than placing blame.  We know remote learning is not the ideal way to learn, but many of our students are demonstrating success. We will do all we can to assist those who are still struggling. I believe success starts with consistent daily participation. Please let us know how we can help.