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Ball Charter Celebrates First Quarter Perfect Attendance

October 19, 2020

Congratulations to our 90 SBCS students who have earned Perfect Attendance! Special thanks to the parents, guardians, relatives and friends who have assisted these students and made daily attendance a high priority.

Hannah A. - 3rd Grade

Saniyah A. - 3rd Grade

Morgan B. - 2nd Grade

Blake B. - 6th Grade

Janina B.  - Kindergarten

Kya B. - 4th Grade

Favian B. - 1st Grade

Rayna B. - 1st Grade

Charles B. - 1st Grade

Leo B. - 4th Grade

Maximus B. - 2nd Grade

Mariah B. - 5th Grade

Donovan B. - 2nd Grade

Jeremiah B. - 5th Grade

Paige B. - 2nd Grade

River B. - 2nd Grade

Skye B. - 4th Grade

Bryson B. - 8th Grade

Leila B. - Kindergarten

Nathan C. - 2nd Grade

Amelia C. - 2nd Grade

Kenyah C. - 1st Grade

Cameron D. - 5th Grade

Broden D. - 5th Grade

Te'Asia D. - 6th Grade

Aubrey D. - 6th Grade

August E. - Kindergarten

Jace F. - 5th Grade

Ben H. - 7th Grade

Parkker H. - 2nd Grade

Myles H. - Kindergarten

Wesley H. - 5th Grade

Kevin H. - Kindergarten

Layla H. - 3rd Grade

Xander J.-H. - 1st Grade

Nylah J. - 4th Grade

Sydney K. - Kindergarten

Adriana K. - 4th Grade

Savannah K. - 8th Grade

Khali L. - 2nd Grade

Etienne L. - 5th Grade

Braylon M. - 2nd Grade

Coby M. - 5th Grade

Chance M. - 1st Grade

Colston M. - 1st Grade

Madisyn M. - 5th Grade

Ethan M. - 2nd Grade

Hailey M. - 3rd Grade

Kendall M. - 5th Grade

Tori M. - 1st Grade

Lilliana M. - 5th Grade

Gabriel M. - 4th Grade

Gavin M. - 1st Grade

Logan M. - 2nd Grade

Micaiah N. - 1st Grade

Emmersyn O. - Kindergarten

Mason O. - 2nd Grade

Anna P. - 3rd Grade

Joanne P. - 3rd Grade

Shylynn P. - Kindergarten

Ava P. - 5th Grade

Izabella P. - 4th Grade

Maple R. - 1st Grade

Jackie S. - 7th Grade

Jericho S. - 4th Grade

Korriena S. - 2nd Grade

Sebastian S. - Kindergarten

Tessa S. - 1st Grade

Sophia S. - 4th Grade

Jasiah S. - 8th Grade

Jaycee S. - 4th Grade

Jude S. - 4th Grade

Alaijha S. - 2nd Grade

Amir S. - 1st Grade

Ella S. - 1st Grade

Henry S. - 2nd Grade

Camren S. - 4th Grade

Braylon T. - 5th Grade

Tyson T. - Kindergarten

Brian T. - Kindergarten

Jasper V. - 2nd Grade

Rayna V. - 4th Grade

Indiya W. - 2nd Grade

Grant W. - 4th Grade

Eva W.-H. - 5th Grade

Flynn W.-H. - 5th Grade

Pyper W. - 3rd Grade

Sydney W. - 5th Grade

James W. - Kindergarten