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Springfield Ball Charter School Updated Return to School Plan

December 2, 2020

On November 23, 2020 our Board of Directors voted on metrics to determine a return to school. View the following link to review the updated SBCS Return to School Plan.

- Our new hybrid model provides in person learning for a half day in the morning and continued remote learning and independent work in the afternoon for up to 5 total hours of daily instruction and practice.  Remote-only learners would have the same expectation, but all instruction will continue to be provided remotely.

- The earliest we will return to school is January 19th, but only if the approved metrics are met 10 of 14 days. The metrics will be reviewed, beginning December 21, 2020.  Staff and families will be given a two-week notice before the first day of our hybrid schedule.

- Registration for Ball Charter families is now open only to make changes to your remote learning preference. We set a deadline of December 7th, so teachers can know how many remote and hybrid learners they have. Due to small class size at Ball Charter, you can make this change at any time in the 2020 -2021 school year, if we do not return to full in-person instruction.  If you do not want to change from remote to hybrid or hybrid to remote, please disregard this step. 

Please check your email or our school website for details.  Thank you for your participation in Parent/Teacher conferences. As a school, we know that communication is key and will continue to keep you updated. Have a wonderful evening.