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Volleyball information and Congratulations

January 29, 2021

Welcome to the Lady Leopard Volleyball team! Thus far, your hard work and dedication has allowed you to become a member of the team. Our mandatory parent/player meeting is tomorrow, Jan. 29th @6:00pm. Mrs. Lott (LMS) and Mrs. Williams (Ball Charter) will send individual families and students an email tomorrow with the zoom link. Please have the yellow athletic card handy and if you haven't gotten a sports physical, please do so as soon as possible. We are adding a practice this Saturday, Jan. 30th @1:00-2:30PM. Congratulations!!



7th Grade Team: In no certain order



Meara S.



Makenna R.



Kynadee S.



Maylee P.



MiHonnasti A.



Zoe L.



Cindy P.



Brooklynn F.



Shawntiana W.



Miley F.



Jadyn M.



Mia J.






8th Grade Team: In no certain order



Rachel B.



Aerabella M.



Chloe K.



Imani J.



Aubri K.



Alexandria B.



Markisha W.



Kallie P.



Lilly S.



Tatiyana T.



Reese J.



Kayla K.