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5-4-21 Track Announcement

May 4, 2021

The track team will not practice today. Instead, we will have a practice prior to the meet tomorrow, beginning at 2pm at Southeast High School Track. All athletes are expected to attend. We may be able to add more opportunities to participate in events during the meet. 

See the roster https://www.sps186.org/downloads/blurbs/92604/LMS%25202021%2520Track%2520Roster%2520-%2520v%2520FMS%25205_5.pdf&source=gmail&ust=1620230718854000&usg=AFQjCNGvBE-Te4BBjmjDXGxDk1ltp56qUQ" href="https://www.sps186.org/downloads/blurbs/92604/LMS%202021%20Track%20Roster%20-%20v%20FMS%205_5.pdf" target="_blank">here.