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Congratulations to Ball Charter 4th Quarter Honor Roll Students

June 9, 2021

Congratulations to our SBCS students who turned obstacles into opportunity. Your effort this quarter is exceptional because of the special circumstances caused by the pandemic. We know you did not achieve this alone.  Thank you to the families, teachers, and friends that have supported you this quarter. Your example will inspire others and the skills you have demonstrated will help you move mountains in your future. Have a wonderful summer!

HONOR ROLL 3.3 - 3.64

Brady B.

Jacob C.

Malorie H.

Piper H.

Carley J.

Letarizie L.

Dominick P.

Zachary P.

Jack S.

Riley S.

Kynadee S.

HIGH HONOR ROLL 3.65 - 3.99

Kalea B.

Olivia B.

Halona B.

Josh C.

Alaina D. 

Te'Ajenae D.

Aniyah H.

David "Tre" J.

Brianna M.

Jubilee S.

John S.

Grace T.

Tatiyana T.

Saniyah T.

Aniya W.


Jeyda A.

Jordan B.

Ally B.

Bryson B.

Logan D.

Aubrey D.

Annabelle H.

Evalynn H.

Dalton H.

Savannah K.

Kaitlyn L.

Messiah M.

Easton M.

Kallie P.

Chelsie R.

Jadyn R.

Jasiah S.

Destiny S.

Aaliyah T.

Timothy T.

Grace W.

Sydney W.