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Families at Ball Charter and Vachel Lindsay Schools will blog about their reactions to our current books. This will include parents and children. Our books are the Reader's Choice nominees: Clementine, Little Wolf's Book of Badness, Wonder and Tales Dark and Grimm. Read what we are thinking at Ball Charter School's Family Read Aloud Book Club page.



Students, parents, and teachers gathered with their principal and assistant principal to celebrate their first FRABC books: A Long Walk To Water and My Father's Dragon!

Pictures were drawn and shared, treats were had and new books were ordered!

The first meeting of the Vachel Lindsay School Family Read Aloud Book Club was a great success!!

Wow, that looks great! Thanks, Mandy. I encourage everyone to check out our webpage at http://www.sps186.org/schools/ballcharter/frabc/ as well as our facebook page: Family Read Aloud Book Club. This week we are having our first Vachel Lindsay Family Read Aloud Book Club Meeting on Wedesday and we will meet at SBCS on Thursday. I hope we will have a crowd at each of these events!! I am going to share this on those sites!

Family Read Aloud Fact Sheet

1. Books are ordered about 2 weeks prior to a book club meeting. Order forms are sent home in Wednesday folders. New books are distributed at the meeting and discussed at the next meeting.

2. Meetings are about every six weeks, depending on the length of the book and other events which impact reading time for families and a date for the meeting.

3. Meetings have a routine agenda and last about 45 minutes to an hour.
(See Meeting Agenda)

4. It is expected that an adult will read aloud the book to children in the family but we honor the participation that works for each family.

5. If the children in the family are older elementary students, those children may share the reading aloud. This should not happen if the child struggles with the text.

6. All elementary children benefit from being read to routinely even if they are able to read most text themselves. Listening to text that is a little beyond children’s reading ability promotes high achievement through increased knowledge and understanding of the world, of books and of vocabulary.

7. Families of elementary children (prek through 8th grade) are encouraged to participate in Family Read Aloud Book Club.

8. Our goal is always to provide a book choice that would be appropriate for any elementary school student and family.

9. We read about 7 or 8 books per year and this includes one book and one meeting during the summer.

10. Most families order most of the books, but many families encounter times when circumstances arise which prevent them from participating.

11. Books are purchased at a discounted rate. We have always used B&N but Scholastic FACE catalog is an option as well.

12. Snacks are brought by members and we make a small attempt to make a connection to the book.

Our History

This club began 5 years ago. A group of parents, many of whom had children in my primary (1st and 2nd) classroom and a few upper primary (3rd and 4th) families and I came together to read our first book, The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. Since then we have read about 40 books together. Some of those children are going into high school now, some are in 7th or 8th grade. Some are still listening to parents read to them, reading with parents or reading our books on their own. We have many new members joining us all the time. One thing we all have in common is we love books!


Click on videos to see a video we took to the Illinois Reading Conference to help us explain the value of this organization!