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2021-2022 Board Members

We are always wanting parents to be involved with the PTO.  If you would like to sign up or help out in a PTO position, please email ballcharterpto@gmail.com  We would love to hear your ideas!

President (Officer)Andria Crawford-Whitehead
Treasurer (Officer)Jennifer Fleenor
Secretary (Officer)Jo O'Brien
Board Liason (Officer)Brook Croke
Communications and OutReach Chair
Fundraising Chair
Staff Appreciation Chair
Outdoor Education ChairBeth Vincent
Family Events Chair
Yearbook Chair



All officers are expected to attend all PTO meetings or designate a proxy in their absence.

President - Presides at all stakeholder meetings. Coordinates the work of Chairs and Co-Chairs of Standing Committees. Delegates certain duties to Chairs and Co-Chairs.
Treasurer - Maintains custody of all PTO funds. Keeps a full and accurate accounting of the PTO books. Presents a written financial statement at each PTO meeting. Develops an annual budget based on PTO priorities. Write an annual financial report.
Secretary - Attends all PTO meetings. Ensures that notice requirements required under the PTO bylaws are in effect and maintains the PTO calendar. Records the minutes of all PTO meetings and maintains the records of the organization. Works cooperatively with the Communications chair to disseminate information to Stakeholders.
Board Liaison - Attend SBCS Board of Directors meetings. Inform PTO of SBCS Board of Directors activities. Attend District 186 Board of Education meetings as needed. Communicate Board actions to Stakeholders. Communicates stakeholder concerns to the SBCS Board of Directors and the District 186 Board of Education


Communication - Promotes information exchange between Stakeholders.
FACE Outreach - Provides for the educational and social needs of the SBCS Stakeholders (Parents/Guardians only events) through outreach to the FACE team.
Family & Student Events - Organizes non-fundraising events for the benefit of SBCS families and their students that promote a sense of community at SBCS.
Fundraising - Organizes and coordinates efforts to raise funds to be used by the PTO in support of the SBCS community.
Outdoor Education - Organizes and coordinates opportunities for outdoor learning, including youth gardening and Woodlands educational opportunities. Works cooperatively with staff to maintain school gardens and trails.
Outreach - Educates families about the Stakeholder pledge and encourages them to fulfill their obligations as stakeholders.
Staff Appreciation - Organizes efforts to demonstrate parent and student appreciation for the hard work and dedication of SBCS staff.
Yearbook - Organize and assemble photos for publication in yearbook.