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PTO Teacher Grant Policies

The primary objective of the SBCS PTO is to support the mission of the school as follows: “The mission of the Springfield Ball Charter School is the creation of a safe, nurturing environment which fosters learning through the development of high-quality, research based academic programs; attention to the learning needs of individual children; and the involvement of parents in their child’s education.” PTO awards grants to support our primary objective. PTO grants may be given for special projects, equipment, library books, classroom supplies, and more. Grants are made possible by PTO fundraising efforts. Eligible Applicants: SBCS teachers and staff members may apply for PTO grants with administrator approval. How to Apply: Grant applicants must submit a completed PTO Grant Request Form. Requests must include the signature of an administrator. Return the request to the PTO mailbox in the school office. Individuals may apply for up to $250 in grant funds; teams may apply for up to $500. Grant Process: PTO accepts grant requests once per school year, with the following deadline: Grant Deadline - November 1st, 2019 at 4:oop.m. Total Amount to be Awarded: $1500 Requests will be reviewed at the next scheduled PTO meeting occurring after the deadline. Review of grant requests may span multiple meetings. Grants are specific to the school year in which they are requested, unless the grant applicant and PTO determine otherwise. PTO will notify grant applicants once a determination has been made. Funds are to be spent within 60 days of receipt unless an extension is approved by PTO. Grant recipients will be required to submit reports containing expenditure documentation by the end of the school year. Note: PTO will not reimburse expenditures made prior to grant approval notification.