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All officers are expected to attend all PTO meetings or designate a proxy in their absence.
President - Presides at all stakeholder meetings. Coordinates the work of Chairs and Co-Chairs of Standing Committees. Delegates certain duties to Chairs and Co-Chairs.
Secretary - Attends all PTO meetings. Ensures that notice requirements required under the PTO bylaws are in effect and maintains the PTO calendar. Records the minutes of all PTO meetings and maintains the records of the organization. Works cooperatively with the Communications chair to disseminate information to Stakeholders. In the event that the President is unable to attend a meeting, the Secretary runs the monthly PTO meeting.
Treasurer - Maintains custody of all PTO funds. Keeps a full and accurate accounting of the PTO books. Presents a written financial statement at each PTO meeting. Develops an annual budget based on PTO priorities. Write an annual financial report.
Board Liaison - Attend SBCS Board of Directors meetings. Inform PTO of SBCS Board of Directors activities. Attend District 186 Board of Education meetings as needed. Communicate Board actions to Stakeholders. Communicates stakeholder concerns to the SBCS Board of Directors and the District 186 Board of Education.


Teachers-At-Large - Two SBCS teachers needed to regularly attend PTO meetings and act as a liaison between the school’s faculty staff and the parents and to keep PTO staff informed of classroom needs and issues.


Communication - Promotes information exchange between Stakeholders.
Family Events - Organizes non-fundraising events for the benefit of SBCS families and their students that promote a sense of community at SBCS.
Fundraising - Organizes and coordinates efforts to raise funds to be used by the PTO in support of the SBCS community.
Outdoor Education - Organizes and coordinates opportunities for outdoor learning, including youth gardening and Woodlands educational opportunities. Works cooperatively with staff to maintain school gardens and trails.
Outreach - Educates families about the Stakeholder pledge and encourages them to fulfill their obligations as stakeholders.
Staff Appreciation - Organizes efforts to demonstrate parent and student appreciation for the hard work and dedication of SBCS staff.



Communications Chair - Create and oversee communications efforts to build our school community. Oversee and assist as needed with other areas in the team. Web Administrator - Update PTO website, manage the Facebook page, manage the email listserv. Time commitment: ongoing and regular maintenance of electronic resources is necessary Newsletter - Create the monthly PTO enewsletter for distribution to Stakeholders on Wednesday after the monthly PTO meeting. Time commitment: consists of contacting PTO board members to request newsletter submissions, communicate submissions guidelines and deadlines, write/compile/publish the newsletter on the PTO website (approx. 2-3 hrs/month) Wednesday Folders - Coordinate the compilation of flyers and other printed materials to go home in the Wednesday Folders, including all volunteers. Time commitment consist primarily of lining up parent volunteers to fill folders each week and ensuring all flyers are copied by the noon Wednesday deadline (approx. 2-3 hrs/wk)


Family & Student Events Chair(s) - Organizes non-fundraising events for the benefit of SBCS families and their students that promote a sense of community at SBCS.
Family Movie Night - Select the movie to be shown in the gym, coordinate with Scott Brower on the event time, movie license fees and ensuring that the project/computer equipment will be available, confirm with Mr. Fraas that there will be an administrator present, secure the movie, create flyers to include in the Wed folders (specify that all children MUST be accompanied by an adult - NO drop-offs), run the popcorn machine (and make sure that there are enough supplies for the evening ), maintain order during the movie, clean up afterwards. Movie Night chairs can make these events as simple or elaborate as they want! Time Commitment consists primarily of running the actual event, with minimal time spent on coordination with the school prior to the event (approx. 3-5 hrs/event)
Read-In - Select and organize activities to be held during the read-in, such as book-themed crafts (e.g., bookmarks), communal events (e.g., a Never-Ending story), read-alouds (e.g., line up family members, teachers or staff), a snack, a drawing or give-away (e.g, Barnes and Noble gift cards), a book exchange, etc. Coordinate with the school’s Business Manager (Scott Brower) regarding use of the building for the event and any table and/or electrical needs (or other equipment needs). Line up any volunteers needed to help run the event and staff activities. Create information flyers for distribution in Wed Folders and on the web page; coordinate with the Communication Chair to distribute information to Stakeholders via email or social media. Time Commitment: (approx. 10-15 hrs/event)
Spring Carnival Chair(s) - Plan and coordinate the Spring Carnival, a major family event held in the spring. Responsibilities include selecting a theme, if any, for the Carnival; coordinating with Room Parents to line up a game for each classroom, ensure that the necessary materials are supplied by the classroom families, and organize the volunteers supplied by the classroom to run the game; select and order Star Prizes (typically from OTC); coordinate with the school’s business manager (Scott Brower) regarding the date and time of the carnival, building needs (e.g., gym, cafeteria, hallways, etc.), table and electrical needs, and personnel needs; line up security for the event (talk to Marty Reynolds in the front office about using off-duty police officers); coordinate with the Cafeteria staff to select the menu and order food to be sold at the event, and to line up Cafeteria employees to help prepare the food in accordance w/state law; organize volunteers to help with set-up, clean-up, ticket sales, star prize distribution, food sales, etc. Time Commitment: This is a major event that typically takes months to plan and organize. Planning should start no later than January, and ideally the first planning meeting should take place in the late fall. Event chairs should plan on spending a minimum of 3-5 hrs/wk leading up to March, and as many as 20 hr/wk in the week or two prior to the event. (approx. 100 hrs/event)


Fundraising Chair - Organizes and coordinates efforts to raise funds to be used by the PTO in support of the SBCS community. Apparel (Ongoing) - Sell apparel at school events and occasionally pre-sell apparel by distributing order forms. Time Commitment: Man apparel tables at school events throughout the year, including but not limited to Registration Day, Back to School Picnic and Spring Carnival. BoxTops (Ongoing) - Time Commitment: Ongoing monthly collection of box tops. (1 person approx. 2-4 hrs/month) No Sale Fundraiser - Coordinate the No Sale Fundraiser The Fundraising Chair will distribute a No Sale Fundraiser flyer in Wednesday folders in March/April. Time Commitment: This is the major Spring fundraiser and requires a minimal amount of time. (1 person approx. 1 hr total) Chicken Dinner Chairs(s) (October) - Plan and coordinate a Chicken Dinner available for pick-up at the school, catered by Nelson’s Catering and held on a weeknight in October. Responsibilities include create and distribute a dinner order form approximately 3-4 weeks before the dinner; place the order with Nelson’s based on pre-ordered dinner sales, work during dinner pick-up, maintain a record of pre-ordered dinner sales, and organize volunteers to work during dinner pick-up. Time Commitment: (approx. 6-8 hrs.) Family Trivia Night Chair(s) - Plan and coordinate Family Trivia Night, a family friendly fundraising event held on a Friday. Responsibilities include working with the principal and business manager to coordinate a date and location at the school; recruit an MC, judges, and runner; create 7 family friendly question categories with 10 questions each; plan food; and manage volunteers the night of the event. The Time Commitment: Planning should start no later than October. The Family Trivia Night Committee will meet approximately 3-4 times prior to the event and should plan on working on the event 3-4 hrs/month leading up to the event. (approx. 10-12 hrs.) Applebee’s (February) - Plan and coordinate the Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser. This is a Spring fundraising breakfast event for the entire family and held on a Saturday morning in February. A portion of the sales will go to PTO. The event coordinator will sell tickets 3-4 weeks prior to the event; recruit volunteers to work at the event; oversee the event on-site at the restaurant; and represent PTO during the event. Time Commitment: The number of volunteers for the event will depend on the number of people attending the event. In addition to the event coordinator at least 4 volunteers will be needed initially. 1 Greeter/Seater - greet guests as they arrive; seat guests; manage wait list, if applicable. Pancake Server - serve pancakes from kitchen. Beverage Server - serve beverages (coffee, soda, milk, juice). Busser - clear dishes and clean table. (event coordinator approx 4-5 hrs, 4 people the day of event approx. 2.5-3 hrs.) Silent Auction Chair(s) - Plan and coordinate the Silent Auction, in conjunction with the Carnival. Responsibilities include organize Room Parents to coordinate classroom baskets, coordinate volunteers to solicit donations from businesses, publicize the Silent Auction to Stakeholders, coordinate decorations, organize auction items and get them ready for bid, prepare bid sheets, organize volunteers to help with set-up and bidding during the event. Time Commitment: This is the major Spring fundraiser and will take several months to plan. Planning should start no later than January. Silent Auction Chairs should plan on spending a minimum of 3 hrs/wk leading up to May, and as many as 20 hr/wk in the week or two prior to the event. (approx. 75 hrs/event)


Outdoor Education Chair - Organizes and coordinates opportunities for outdoor learning, including youth gardening and Woodlands educational opportunities. Works cooperatively with staff to maintain school gardens and trails. Outdoor education committee seasonal responsibilities may include: Summer - Coordinate a Summer Gardening Club to help with watering, weeding and harvesting during summer months. Fall - Acquire seeds or plants for fall planting of cool season crops; coordinate volunteers to help teachers with planting day; construct cold frames/mini-hoop tunnels to extend the growing season for your fall crops; coordinate a fall work day to prepare gardens for the winter. Winter - Acquire seeds to plant starter plants indoors in preparation for spring transplanting; acquire additional growing racks for the cafeteria if more room is needed for starter plants. Spring - Coordinate a spring work day to weed and till the gardens to prepare them for spring planting; acquire seeds or plants for early or late spring planting; coordinate volunteers to help teachers with planting day. Throughout the year - Re-establish composting if there is any interest; work on getting a drip irrigation system to simplify watering the garden; make garden signs to identify plants and plots in the garden or assist classrooms in acquiring material to make signs. Stewardship of the Woodland Area - Nature Study - Assist with developing student interpretive stations in the woodland area; Native Woodland Plant Species - Assist with native woodland plant species identification and preservation. This includes removal of invasive or non-native plant species; Trail Grooming - Coordinate trail grooming and maintenance efforts. School Garden Summer Upkeep Club - Families are needed to help with summer garden upkeep during summer months when school is not in session. The work includes watering, weeding, and harvesting ripe vegetables. Families are asked to sign-up for 1 week and visit the garden 3-4 times during their designated week. Support/guidance will be given regarding work that needs to be done. (approx. 3-4 hrs for 1 week)


Outreach Chair - Educates families about the Stakeholder pledge and encourages them to fulfill their obligations as stakeholders. First Day Coffee - Help new SBCS parents to feel welcome, and give them a chance to overcome first-day-jitters, by organizing an informal coffee and pastries in the Team Room. (approx. 2-3 hrs) Kindergarten Night - Welcome new kindergarteners and their parents by providing a brief description of PTO and inviting them to participate in the Family Mentor program. Time commitment: Attend K-night, prepare flyers, coordinate participation with SBCS administration. School Registration Table - Welcome families back to school during school registration. Provide information regarding the Family Mentor Program various volunteer opportunities with the PTO. Time commitment:Be available to man a table the day of school registration.


Staff Appreciation Chair(s) - Organizes efforts to demonstrate parent and student appreciation for the hard work and dedication of SBCS staff.
Staff Birthday Lunch - Twice a year, provide lunch with birthday cake to staff in the Team Room.
P/T Conference Staff Breakfast and Lunch - Coordinate donations to provide breakfast items and lunch for each parent/teacher conference. Provide Olive Garden a list of conference dates so they can donate 3 Family sized salad and breadsticks. Sub sandwiches from Wal-Mart (6th Street) are ordered the week before conference date. 4 ft turkey, 4 ft ham and 4 ft roast beef. Decorate Staff Lounge.
Charter Week/Staff Appreciation Week - Designate each day of the week with a theme and what small gesture the students can give their teachers. (i.e. Crazy hair day; write a thank you note to your teacher). Place a small token of appreciation and thanks in the staff mailboxes each day. (i.e. small bag of Hershey Kisses with a note, “You Rock” with the KISS band logo). Decorate the Team Room and provide a lunch on Friday of that week.