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Red Ribbon Week: October 25-28

October 21, 2010

Next week we will celebrate Red Ribbon Week. This is a special week in which we celebrate being drug-free. There is something special planned for each day. Red ribbons will be passed out on Monday, and we encourage students to wear them everyday. We will wear our red ribbons with pride every day. Thanks to Mrs. Thomas for planning the events below:

Monday, October, 25thh- Red Ribbon Pride Day: Everybody is asked to wear as much red as possible.

Tuesday, October 26th- Put a Cap on Drugs: Students and staff wear a hat of choice (baseball cap bills must be worn facing forward).

Wednesday, October 27th- Drugs & I Don’t Mix: Students and staff are encouraged to wear clothes that do not match.

Thursday, October 28th- Living Drug Free is No Sweat: Students and staff wear are encouraged to wear sweatshirts.

Please talk with your kids at home about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse on their bodies and lives. Our “Skills for Growing” (lessons that are taught by myself in the classrooms every other week) are focused on how to keep our bodies healthy and how to stay drug and alcohol free.