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Some Good News, and a GREAT NEW PARTNERSHIP!

October 15, 2018

On Friday, we were treated to a surprise visit from Office Depot... with crate after crate of new school supplies! When asked why they chose to donate these items to us, the response was that when store representatives visited schools last year, they found our school to be one of the most welcoming and receptive to them. They decided to organize a school supply drive for Dubois, collecting various items purchased for our school by customers. Additionally, they donated some supplies from the store, including  much-needed reams of copy paper. Best of all, Office Depot wants to partner with us, helping with various things such as listening to students read, and helping with math fact exercises.  This is a partnership that was literally dropped into our hands, and we are so grateful! 

They stated that this will happen again next year (the school supply gifts) and are looking forward to partnering with us from here on out.