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Dubois ART CLUB Visits Governor's Mansion

January 18, 2019

On Wednesday, Ms. Marcy's 4th and 5th grade art club, plus a few guests, took a trip to the Governor's Mansion. The purpose of their visit was to view an exhibit called Art of Illinois

This inaugural exhibition for the Mansion showcased the creative achievements of fine and applied arts practitioners who worked in Illinois from the 1800's up until 2016. Over 100 significant examples from the fields of painting, sculpture, furniture, metalwork, ceramics, and glass were on view.  Art of Illinois emphasized themes, including: the historical depth and richness of the state’s artistic legacy, the diversity of  Illinois’ creative community, and how the places and people of Illinois have inspired artists. 

Students were divided into two groups, as they toured the exbihit with their guides. They generated insightful questions, and were able to discuss specific pieces of art while incorporating their understanding of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, as well as their experience applying the four stages of art criticism.

It was a special surprise when the group was greeted by Governor and Mrs. Pritzker. 

The trip ended with each student receiving a catalog of the exhibit from the curatorial staff.

We extend our THANKS to Justin Blandford, Mansion Curator,  Valerie Cates and Jennifer Caldwell, exceptional tour guides, and Ms. Marcy. We appreciate their time and efforts towards coordinating and hosting our art club's visit, and for providing such a wonderful educational experience for our students.