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Ms. Carlis Thomas and Mrs. Jamie Clark awarded Staff Member/Teacher of the Month!

March 5, 2020

Congratulations to Ms. Thomas and Mrs. Clark who were named Staff Member and Teacher of the Month!

Both are hard working professionals who take their roles seriously and provide positive leadership at Dubois. Ms. Thomas is our Parent Educator who goes above and beyond to ensure that all of our students and families receive whatever is needed for their success, wellness and sense of belonging. In addition to her main duties, she coordinates the annual Volunteer Celebrations, Grand Ball, Family Picnic, Student of the Month Celebrations and more. Carlis cares for our families with a smile on her face always! Mrs. Clark is one of our newest teachers whom another teacher wrote of her: "unwavering willingness to always lend a hand, smile, sweatshirt (she is also a seamstress who creates beautiful t-shirts and sweatshirts) or cup of coffee. She and her team recently hosted a Coffee Cafe in her classroom one morning, where anyone could drop in and chat over a cup of coffee before beginning the day. She is an active participant on multiple committees, and took a lead role in getting the school store up and running as well as starting a new Dragon Delivery Service where staff can order special treats to have delivered to another staff member each Friday as a wonderful surprise. Jamie has a warm and supporitve rapport with all of her students and staff. Both are highly valued at Dubois and received a cake from Walmart, along with a gift certificate. Their photos will be posted in the store as well. Thank you Walmart for your support!