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Note from the Principal:

October 13, 2010

Dear Parents:
We have now reached our 30th day of school. Everyday our students do Every Counts Calendar Math, which discusses not only the number of schools days we’ve had but also how that number can be a multiple, a pattern or a decimal depending on the grade level. Ask your children what day we are on and they should be able to tell you each and every day. This month we will be focusing on safety drills with Bus Safety Week (October 18th – 22n) and a fire drill. Additionally students that get dropped off at the front of the school should not be dismissed until 8:10 in the morning.  We do not have anyone available to supervise children until this time and therefore cannot guarantee their safety. Scope is available for families beginning at 7 am for a fee. Lastly, we are in need of a crossing guard to man the Lincoln & Washington Corner on school days before and after school.  Please contact Tammie Bolden @ 525-7911 if you are interested.

We do have a few school activities this month for you to get involved in and it culminates with parent teacher conferences on October 29th (5pm – 8pm) and all day on October 30. (Please call Carlis Thomas @ 525-3204 if you need transportation)  On October 20th we will be hosting a fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese, which equates to a certain percentage of sales that evening being donated back to the school. Students will be provided with a flyer that will need to be presented that day when you attend. Hopefully we will have a full house!

Fall Parties:  Dubois does not celebrate Halloween, therefore costumes, colored hair and Halloween paraphernalia is not allowed. Parties will be on Thursday, October 28th @ 1:00. Please remember we are a CATCH school and have been learning about healthy options for our bodies.

Thanks for your support! 

Cindy J. Baugher, principal