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October 13, 2010

Prepare to Make the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teachers often schedule parent conferences in the fall, and if yours is coming up, you may be a little apprehensive. To make the most of this important one-on-one time with the teacher, you need to prepare. Plan to:

• Touch base with your child. What does she like about school? Is she struggling in any areas? Ask her if there is anything she’d like you to talk about with her teacher.
• Take notes. Write down the most important things you would like to discuss with the teacher. Plan to mention them first, since conferences are usually brief. Be sure to include any big changes in your child’s life.
• Be positive. Start the meeting with a compliment, such as, “Jamie loves the word games you play in class!” Then focus on sharing information, working as a team and finding solutions.
• Wrap things up. Make a plan and decide how to keep in touch. “So you’ll explain division to Jamie one-on-one and send home detailed instructions. Then I’ll supervise during homework time. We’ll email in two weeks and see how things are going.”
Talk with your child again. Let her know, in upbeat terms, how the meeting went. “Your reading scores are excellent. And you’ve learned all your multiplication facts! To help with division, Mrs. Turner and I are going to review with you. That will make it much easier.”

Source: “Making Parent-Teacher Conferences Work for Your Child,” PTA,

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