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Risk Reminder - Snow & Ice..... A Safety Nightmare!

December 15, 2010

Several things to remember to prevent injury:

- Allow more time to get to work. Adverse weather conditions require you to drive and walk slower.

- Always take the safest route into the building. Stay on shoveled sidewalks and do not take short cuts.

- Make sure highly trafficked areas are covered with slip-proof carpeting.

- When entering the building make sure you properly wipe your feet. Wear boots into work during the snowy season.

- Tracking snow into the building is a common problem so be on the look out for wet floors.

- Be prepared for the weather and dress accordingly even on short trips outside the building (taking out the garbage, getting supplies or equipment from a vehicle or another building, etc.) If possible reduce the number of trips outside during bad weather.

- Report slip hazards, both inside and outside the building, to the maintenance staff right away.

Comments on the Risk Reminder can be directed to Bill Bloch at 800-252-5059 or e-mail bbloch@comsi.com

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