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Note From The Principal:

February 1, 2011

Thank you so much for your support during last month's Dr. Seuss night! It was wonderful to see so many families come into the building and participate in our activities. Students had to maneuver their way around the building and gather four teachers signatures before they could trade in their signature page for a cup cake at the end. For those of you that didn't get to come to that event, we will be hosting another event on February 22nd. This event will be a combination of technology and math night.  Keep a look out for more information coming home in Tuesday folders.

Students will not be in session on Tuesday, February 1st, while the teachers are in an all day workshop. During the time we have together that day we will be discussing the upcoming ISAT tests, goal setting for students, student data, our mission for our students and how we might change different things to increase not only our time for teaching and learning, but the effectiveness as well. Additionally students will not be in session on February 11th or 14th. On February 14th we will be hosting parent teacher conferences from noon until seven o'clock that night.  Teachers will be contacting you about coming in for a time to discuss your child's progress and what to expect for the remainder of the year.

Do you know of a child who will be turning 5 years old BEFORE September 1, 2011? That means they are eligible for kindergarten for the 2011-12 school year and we will be hosting an open house for them on February 17th @ 6:00. Families that come that night will get to meet the kindergarten teachers, assistants and several other staff. That night is a very fun night for our first timers and is helpful for us to know how many students we "may" have the following fall.

Last, but not least, the state wide ISAT test for third through fifth grade students will begin on March 1st and last through the 11th. Students generally take two tests a day and try to get the tests done the first week so we can do make up tests the last week. Please, please, please schedule your appointments and trips either before or after that time period. If your child must be gone during that time scheduling them late in the day is best.

Thanks for your support!

Cindy J. Baugher