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February 10, 2011

Appropriate age group(s) or grade(s): Grades 3-8.

Estimated time to complete activity (if applicable): No set time.

Materials needed (if applicable): No materials needed.

Instructions or description of technique:

1. Engage your child in everyday life word problems.

2. Basic concepts of algebra can be introduced by teaching your child about unknown quantities (what you have/what you need to get it).

3. Play games of giving them a set of variables to solve a problem:? I have $20; I need to buy a gallon of milk and $15 of gas. The milk costs $2.50 a gallon; a gallon of gas is $ 1.50. How many gallons can I buy/is there any change left over?

4. Let them find their own answers.

5. Don’t focus on right or wrong (if they make a mistake, they can correct it).

6. Eventually your child will be so good at this game that they can create their own problems to solve!

Carlis Thomas
Parent Educator