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February 20, 2011

In an upcoming Tuesday folder, you should receive your child’s midyear DIBEL’s score. In grades 1-5, the DIBEL’s measures how fluently your child reads and compares it to a grade level score that has been determined from testing hundred’s of thousands of students all over the nation. In Kindergarten, it measures prereading skills that your child will use as they learn to read. Looking at this score is important because it will help you know how well your child is doing in reading. This score does not tell us everything, but it is usually a strong indicator of how your child’s reading progress is going.

If your child’s DIBEL score is not at grade level, the best thing you can do at home is to increase the amount of time your child spends reading. Even for older students, reading with someone can make this task more interesting and will build fluency at a quicker rate. As a parent, I know that it can be a struggle to get kids to want to spend time reading. I have been known with my own kids to trade video game time for reading time, putting the TV on mute and using the closed caption option so they have to read as they watch, and sending them to bed and then letting them stay up 15 minutes later if they read in bed with a flashlight.

It cannot be said strongly enough that just like many things in life you have to practice to become a good reader. Becoming a successful reader is easier earlier in life than later. The elementary years are when this needs to happen. Help your child become a good reader while the brain is most ready for it. The time you spend now will give them a lifetime gift!