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September 1, 2011

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I trust that each of you had a wonderful summer filled with lots of activities to enrich your lives and the lives of your students. Now that we have been in the swing of things for a few weeks I can give you an update on what is happening around here. First of all, our student enrollment is around 485 students which is a very good number for us to have here. Last spring we ended the year with 555 students which is very difficult to manage - even in this large building. By the time you get this newsletter we will probably have the windows installed on two sides of the building and will be working on the front elevation. Yes, this has called for us to be flexible and adjust to a few things - but overall instruction has continued with minimal disruption. And those people who do have windows absolutely love them!

This year Dubois is participating in a pilot program where students are fed breakfast and lunch free of charge. Things are a little different from when most of you went to school though, as it is now a "choice" program. Students go through the line and choose the items they want to eat. For lunch students must choose a minimum of 3 items but have a maximum of 6.  They may choose 2 vegetables or 2 fruits or 1 of each .... but the total from the fruit/vegetable section can only equal 2. Most students go through the line and get a milk (+1) an entree (+1) a fruit (+1) and a vegetable (+1) which equals 4. But sometimes students pick additional items that are available to add to their meal. The bottom line is we have to count the meal and to count the meal students must choose 3 items from the line.  Even if the students just want a milk - they must choose two other items so we can count the meal.

Last, please be aware of our dress code here. Spaghetti straps, rubber flip flops, sagging pants, shirts with large arm holes and shorts above mid thigh should be avoided. We normally talk to the students about it prior to talking to you or having them wear alternate clothing.

Thanks for all your support!
Cindy J. Baugher, principal

Cindy J. Baugher, principal &
120 S. Lincoln
Springfield, IL  62704