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October 28, 2011

What can I say but, thank you - thank you - thank you to the Dubois students, family and staff. The manager of Chuck E. Cheese tracked me down last night just to inform me that she was extremely impressed with the behavior and honesty of our students. This young lady was awe struck that students so young could be so well trained in manners. She told me that she witnessed many of our students showing GOOD MANNERS and how some of them turned in items that did not belong to them.

What a great compliment to receive from Chuck E. Cheese's manager for last nights fundraiser. I know the staff and parents of Dubois has done and continues to do a tremendous job with our little ones (K-5) and it is showing outside of our school. I would like to say again, THANK YOU to Dubois staff and families for a job well done.

Mary C. Medley
Assistant Principal