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January 13, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Encourage School Bonding:

1. Do: Encourage your children to participate in
before and after-school activities to maintain
school involvement outside of the school day.
These programs are not always well-publicized, so check
with your school office to find out about opportunities.

2. Show Some Spirit! As kids start to become more aware of
their school colors, consider investing in school T-shirts,
sweatshirts, and pajamas (if you can afford it). Another
option is to buy plain t-shirts in your school’s colors, or
to get shoe laces in those colors from your local craft

3. Attend Events: School involvement isn’t limited to just
students. Show your support of your child’s school by
reading the school newsletter, attending concerts and
sporting events, and encouraging your child to attend
social events, such as Family Write Night January 19th at
5:30 to 6:30.

4. Celebrate! If your child enjoys school, celebrate big events
such as PBIS, music festivals, or other less traditional
forms of school involvement.

5. Stay Involved: Stay involved in your child’s education by
participating with her/him in service projects (such as
food drives, Friend-In-Deed, Toys For Tots or RIF book
drives), attending parent-teacher conferences,F.A.C.E.
TEAM meetings and volunteering in the school district.

Carlis Thomas
Parent Educator
Dubois Elementary School 
(217) 525-3204 ext.127