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February 19, 2012

Homework Tips: The Checklist all Families Need

Research indicates that when kids spend more time doing homework, they’re more likely to succeed in school. The U.S. Department of Education has identified specific ways that parents can help their kids do homework”and do it well. Use this checklist to help your kids succeed in getting started and finishing their homework.

✪ Ask about your child’s teacher about the school’s homework policy.

✪ Work with your child’s teacher. If you have any concerns about your child’s homework,talk with the teacher.

✪ Set a regular time for homework.

✪ Help your child pick a place to do homework.

✪ Create ways for your child to get organized.

✪ Remove distractions.

✪ Provide school supplies.

✪ Set a good example. Do homework side by side with your child when he or she is young. Your “homework” might be making a grocery list or doing a project from work.

✪ Be interested in your child’s homework and make doing homework interesting. Talk about the assignment with your child.

✪ Be available to help your kids with their homework.

✪ Look over your kids’ completed assignments. Ask questions.

✪ Monitor the time your kids watch TV and play video games. Make sure they’re not rushing through their homework to do these activities.

✪ Encourage good study habits. Monitor your kids so they’re not dawdling, procrastinating, or rushing.

✪ Watch for frustration. Help your kids figure out what to do if they get stuck or overwhelmed.

✪ Be proud of your kids when they complete their homework and do it well. Tell them how proud you are.

Carlis Thomas,
Dubois Parent Educator