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February 25, 2012

Our Social Skills Lessons (SSL) will be about the character traits of;

* being trustworthy
- be honest
- be reliable-do what you say you’ll do
- don’t cheat, lie or steal
- build a good reputation
- be loyal
* being caring
- be kind
- be compassionate and show you care
- express gratitude
- forgive others
- help people in need

We will be using a lot of books to illustrate what the behaviors look like and tying in activities to the books. One of the books will be How Full is Your Bucket? for kids. The idea is that when you do an act of kindness for someone, you fill their bucket AND your own. When you do something mean you “dip” into someone else’s bucket and your own. Each class will have a bucket and try to “fill” it with kind words and actions. Talk to your kids about things they do that make you feel proud.