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April 9, 2012

Everyday Tips

The little actions you take every day adds up and helps kids grow-up to be confident and responsible adults.

*Tell your kids you love them often. You’ll find that this is easier to do if you’re also behaving in a loving and nurturing manner toward them. By saying it, you remind yourself to live it as well.

*Have you ever seen someone be rude to a waiter, or snap at a store clerk? What did you think of that person? Teach your kids the importance of treating people well. One sign of a person’s character is whether they treat people well, even when they don’t have to.

*If you’re exhausted from managing your career and your household, take a break by letting the kids make the plans once in a while for where to go and what activities you might try as a family. Give them parameters and help them execute the plan, but turn over the reins to help them build self-assurance.

Carlis Thomas
Parent Educator
Dubois Elementary School 
(217) 525-3204 ext.127