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September 14, 2012

Dismissal Procedures:

As you are all well aware, our pick up procedures have been altered this school year.  To be honest, it is working rather well if everyone is patient and follows the guidelines for the safety of our students. The easiest thing to do would be to find a parking space on one of the surrounding blocks and walk up to retrieve your child. Additionally, there are crossing guards on Lincoln at Monroe and Washington to assist you. Otherwise, traffic must flow from the south and heading north. We will not load children in vehicles heading south and it is illegal for you to stop in the street. The pick up lane is the lane closest to the school and should be used to pick up children. As vehicles retrieve their children and exit the pick up lane, then everyone in the lane should move forward - creating a space for an additional car at the end.  Please do not leave your car unattended while in the pick up lane as it stops the flow of traffic.  We have ordered signage to post during critical times and the SPD has also been helpful in directing traffic.  

Thank you so much for your patience!