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October 30, 2012

10. HEY, NEW KID! by Betsy Duffey (Viking).

Cody isn’t looking forward to starting at his new school. He decides that instead of just being the new kid, he’s going to introduce himself as “Super Cody,” who used to live in an igloo and is a genius. But when Cody’s new classmates ask to see his pet emu, he realizes that becoming Super Cody may not have been the best idea.

by Jennifer Donnelly (Atheneum).

Theo is a spoiled boy who gets whatever he wants. His grandmother decides that he needs to adjust his attitude. She begins to make a giant pie that is extremely tempting to Theo, and he suddenly realizes that he has reached in just a little bit too far.

12. Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie
by Julie Sternberg (Amulet).

Eleanor is not happy after her babysitter Bibi moves away. Everything reminds her of Bibi and she’s having the worst summer ever. How will Eleanor ever be able to face third grade?